Stella 5x3 Log Cabin

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Cabin Features :

  • • 5000mm x 3000mm
  • • 44mm

    Wall Logs in 44mm

    44mm Wall Logs
  • • One piece logs (Square cut ends)
    Solid Wall Logs

    All our wall logs are a solid piece of wood. No splicing together of shorter pieces to achieve a long log.

  • • Side Hung and Opening
    Side hung and all opening Windows

    All windows are supplied side hung (hinged on the side) and outward opening

  • • Using 4mm Glass
    Double glazing as standard

    We provide double glazing to all our cabins as standard (Garages are single glazed) using 4mm Glass

  • • To all doors and windows
    Plain glass as standard

    All doors and windows are supplied in plain glass. Your kit will include georgian bars that can be applied as required

  • • 19mm Tongue and Groove
    Tongue and Groove Roof Boards

    Roof boards are 19mm and machined with a "V" joint.

  • • 19mm Tongue and Groove
    Tongue and Groove Floor Boards

    Floor boards are 19mm and machined with a square edge.

  • • Slow grown Spruce
    Slow grown Spruce

    Slow grown Spruce timber from the managed forests in the Baltics..

  • • Optional Extra
    Slow grown Spruce

    All glazing is now supplied as plain glass to give a contemporary, modern feel to the cabins. Doors and windows can have a Georgian bar affect added at the factory as an optional extra. Each door or window unit is charged for at a cost of £47.00.

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Spruce timber sourced from the FSC Baltic Forests

Spruce Timber Used

Spruce timber sourced from the FSC Baltic Forests.
Solid Wall Logs

Solid Wall Logs

All wall logs are single piece, solid timber. Not finger jointed. Machined and graded.
Double Glazing

Double Glazing

Our standard cabins are double glazed with glass providing better levels of noise and heat insulation (Not garages)
Replaceable cylinder lock supplied with two keys

Cylinder Lock

Replaceable cylinder lock supplied with two keys.
Tongue and Groove Roof and Floor Boards

Tongue and Groove Roof and Floor Boards

Roof and floor boards included with kits as standard (not garages) and are 19mm tongue and groove boards.

Current Delivery Lead Time (Updated 07 May 2021):

Compared to previous years, demand for our products (industry wide) has quadrupled. As much as the manufacturers are doing their best to keep up with this unprecedented demand, lead times are starting to increase.

We give production estimates in good faith based on the available information at time of print and certainly not without due consideration.

The current production lead time is between 16 and 18 weeks.

Depending on your location within the UK, onward delivery times to yourself vary between 5 and 15 days.

We are working very closely with the factory to improve on these timings. A new production line is being installed in early May (on order since Feb 2020 and now two months behind original schedule) After testing and commissioning of the new line it is hoped we can get back on track with our usual 6-8 week processing. Our website will be updated with news on this subject as and when we see concrete evidence of improvements.

The Stella 5x3 represents exceptional value for money - still sporting our usual high specification including 44mm wall logs, 19mm tongue and groove boards for the roof and floor, double glazing and fixing kit.

You won't find a better deal for a cabin of this size and quality.

Note :

  1. If the door is off set to one side of its containing wall (not central), then the position of doors and windows in this wall and the position of the window in the side wall (if applicable) can be reversed. You can choose these positions at point of installation
  2. Log ends are now all square cut with no chamfer
  3. All glazing is now supplied as plain glass to give a contemporary, modern feel to the cabins. Doors and windows can have a Georgian bar affect added at the factory as an optional extra. Each door or window unit is charged for at a cost of £47.00.
  4. All images and other forms of illustration are to demonstrate a product and support the product text only. Accessories, timber treatments etc where shown are not included unless expressly stated in the product text. Dimensions may vary slightly from those stated.
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Roofing Options

Felt Shingles - £330.00
EPDM - £444.00

Toughened Glass

Upgrade for £120.00

Timber Treatment

10ltrs - £96.00

Cabin Installation

Installation - £.00
Stella 5x3 Log Cabin3890.00

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Log Specification

  • Log Thickness - 44mm
  • Width : 5000mm
  • Depth : 3000mm

Approximate Internal Dimensions

  • Width - 4712mm
  • Depth - 2712mm
  • Area - 12.8m²

Floor and Roof Boards

  • Floor boards - 19mm tongue and groove
  • Roof boards - 19mm tongue and groove

Doors and Windows

  • Double Doors Fully Glazed - 1295mm x 1860mm
  • Double Windows - 1380mm x 910mm
  • Single Windows - 700mm x 910mm

Other Dimensions

  • Canopy - 500mm
  • Wall height - 2100mm
  • Ridge height - 2420mm
  • Floor Bearers - Treated 51mm x 51mm
  • Minimum Base Size - 4840mm x 2840mm

Note: The overall height of this cabin allows it to be constructed without planning permission as close as 500mm to your boundary.

See our guide to planning permission here.

Your Cabin Kit Will Include :

  • Floor Bearers - Treated 51mm x 51mm
  • Wall boards - Computer machined from kiln dried stock. Untreated.
  • Windows - 1 Opening Double Window and 2 Opening Single Windows
  • Door - Double Doors Fully Glazed
  • Door lock - Cylinder type. Supplied with two keys
  • Double glazing - Using 4mm Glass
  • Floor Boards - 19mm Tongue and Groove
  • Roof Boards - 19mm Tongue and Groove
  • Assembly Guide

Not included - Roofing felt or felt shingles. These are available as optional items.

Optional Items

Felt Shingles, 7 Colour and Style Options : £330.00

Bourne Green Felt Shingles

Bourne Green

Bourne Grey Felt Shingles

Bourne Grey

Bourne Black Felt Shingles

Bourne Black

Bourne Red Felt Shingles

Bourne Red

Firestone EPDM Rubber Roofing : £444.00

EPDM Roofing Option

External Treatment : £96.00

Barrattine Wood Preserver

A solvent-based preservative that offers microporous protection against wood rot, fungi, decay and mould. Available in 7 colours or clear.

Installation Service

The cabin installation service is available throughout the UK and is carried out by approved service partners
(Important : Installers are not sub contractors of Garden Adventure Ltd)

  • You will need to provision a prepared base, this must be firm, level and stable. These can also be supplied and fitted by installers if required. If the installation team are not satisfied with the condition on arrival, further charges may be made for rectification work in order to proceed with installation. At worse, the installation may have to be postponed, with a chargeable fee of 30% of original costs for a second visit. By agreeing to installation you accept these terms.
  • Due to scheduling it may not be possible to coincide delivery and installation on the same day, but generally, installation is carried out within a few days of delivery.
  • The installation team will require access to 240v power supply. Extension leads will be provided.
  • Guarantee - 12 months on workmanship.
  • All packaging will be left in a tidy state but disposal is the responsibility of the customer.
  • All fees associated with installation are paid directly to the installation team and as such your contract is between yourself and the contractor

By agreeing to installation you accept these terms

When adding installation into the basket, you will only be charged a £30.00 retainer. The balance for installation will be paid directly to the installation team on satisfactory completion of the install.

Additional Services :

  • Concrete base construction.
  • Timber base construction.
  • External and internal timber treatment.
  • Insulation for under floor and ceiling.
  • Floor covering.
  • Guttering.

On the detail page for each cabin you will find a Shopping Basket where you can add options for your cabin, including installation. Once you have selected your postcode, this will automatically calculate the installation fee and will be shown accordingly. Installer optional items are arranged and paid for directly with the installers.

Installer Optional Services

The following installation options are available from our UK wide cabin builder service partners.

These items are only available when having your cabin installed and can be arranged directly with our service partners.

Prices :

  • Timber Base - £845.00
  • Concrete Base - £1265.00
  • Insulation - £845.00
  • Treatment - £180.00
  • Guttering - £220.00

Timber Base

Timber bases include 100x100mm (4"x4") treated posts, 150x47mm (6"x2") treated joists, postcrete, coach screws and labour.

Concrete Base

All concrete bases include dig out and removal of top soil. This can be left on site or loaded into a skip if provided by customer. Shuttering, DPM, steel mesh, concrete and labour.


Roof and floor insulation to use 50mm foil faced insulation board (Celotex, Recticel, Kingspan).


Treatment is a clear wood preservative treatment. 1 x inside and 2 x outside coats applied using a sprayer using Barrattine Wood Preserver or similar product.


Guttering comes in a choice of black or brown, round or square. Water butts available on request.

Our Customer Feedback

Rodney Timms said - "We were very impressed with the product. Very good quality everything fitted perfectly.It was delivered on time.We would highly recommend it."
Rating : 5 / 5
Review Date - 31 October 2020
Gary Munt said - "Very quick and easy process to order with a speedy delivery and excellent communication throughout from both Martin at garden adventures and the delivery company. Also very easy to assemble with just a few basic tools and a little diy experience. An excellent product at a very reasonable price highly recommended. "
Rating : 5 / 5
Review Date - 4 November 2019
R Bugg said - "I have deliberately left my review a few years so I can give a worthwhile review covering the purchase, installation and ongoing experience with my cabin. Purchase: These cabins are very good value for money and Martin was very helpful with all queries. Make sure you order with Shingles for the roof - don't go cheap with felt. Delivery: Delivery was on time and the driver even managed to get it on my drive as this is a kerbside delivery. Make sure you have space in advance as you really don't want to be moving this until you're ready to build. Installation: Separate and organise everything first - it will make your life so much easier! We built ours early in the year when a little snow was falling and other than weather conditions we had no big problems. We had one timber which was cut incorrectly which needed to be re-cut... we put this at the back of the cabin so as not to affect the aesthetics. This was lucky as if it had not been fixable we'd have been left with a half built cabin in bad weather conditions with no quick fix - I'm sure Martin would have been helpful but we never contacted him as it was not necessary. Also, do not use the screws to fix the timbers together and spend time fitting the door well, this is probably the most fiddly bit. MAKE SURE YOU RETREAT THE FLOOR/SUPPORT beams before starting as you wont get a second chance! I used old car oil. Post Installation: Make sure you check what treatment to use - I believe Martin suggested what to use and this was backed up with info online. Look after the cabin and it will last a long time. If you didn't screw the timbers together the timbers will settle over time and find their natural place. We had a little difficulty removing some packing we had used around the door frame as all the timbers had dropped down as they settled. We also replaced some of the screws on the window handle fittings as they came a little loose - the original screws were too short/small and worked loose as this particlar window was opened and closed a lot. We subsequently fitted insulation between the roof rafters and plan to insulate the floor at some point. Overview: We have seen a number of other cabins since and are more than happy with the quality of ours. To conclude Garden Adventure are helpful, sell good products and you can place an order with them with confidence. I hope the above information is useful as when we were looking there was a lot of conflicting advice!!"
Rating : 5 / 5
Review Date - 4 November 2019
Richard Passingham said - "This review is written 6 months after I finished building cabin, it was last years project. I cleared the area to lay a base last February and as it progressed I researched where best to buy, I had plenty of options but easily opted to buy from Martin when I actually spoke to him and could not find any bad reviews either, delivery was 110% quality 150% ease of putting together 90% ( would have been better if my son's....25 and 30 had helped more !!! ) To be honest I spent about £2500 and was concerned product may be sub standard and really didn't need to worry its worth double what I paid . It was going to be a shed it turned into a cabin . Extremely happy ."
Rating : 5 / 5
Review Date - 28 January 2019
Sue Shayler said - "Thank you Martin for a fabulous cabin !!!! You made the whole process very easy and we are over the moon with the finished result. It was great to meet you in person when you came to erect the Cabin for us. Very friendly efficient service. Will definitely recommend you to all our friends. Sue & Gerald West Sussex"
Rating : 5 / 5
Review Date - 12 April 2017
Mr N Cheetham said - "The delivery was excellent, exactly on the time they said it would be delivered. The instructions were very informative, and virtualy every piece was numbered. I had no problems putting the cabin up at all, it was completed in a day and a half by me and my son. The finished cabin looks excellent and is just what we wanted, thank you."
Rating : 5 / 5
Review Date - 11 August 2016
Mr Mark Davies said - "Only 2 weekends work for myself and my 11 year old son to erect and be weather proof. Even Tom worked out the numbering system for assembling the logs."
Rating : 4.5 / 5
Review Date - 11 August 2016
Michael Long said - "Apart from getting more confirmation that my order went through for our Camborne log cabin the service was excellent , delivery , installation and quality once erected is first class"
Rating : 5 / 5
Review Date - 17 November 2015
Natasha Howells said - "I am very happy with the cabin I purchased. The service I received from Martin was faultless. Many thanks for the great service and help."
Rating : 5 / 5
Review Date - 17 November 2015
Mr P Empson said - "So pleased with the summer house, arrived when expected, looks really good in the garden. Instruction pretty easy to follow. Many thanks."
Rating : 5 / 5
Review Date - 28 August 2015
Mr Timothy Groom said - "Another satisfied customer for the Camborne cabin. Very pleased, thanks"
Rating : 5 / 5
Review Date - 12 August 2015
Mr Paul Bennett said - "Exactly what we needed for a combined summer house and garden storage facility."
Rating : 4.5 / 5
Review Date - 12 August 2015
Ken Musham said - "Thank you also for a very prompt and professional service and obliging with the additional modification requested, we are very happy and a job well done - we've had some interest from the neighbours which is always a good sign and pleased to pass on a recommendation"
Rating : 5 / 5
Review Date - 20 May 2015
Amy Sykes said - "Quality of the product very good but should have purchased the roof shingles."
Rating : 5 / 5
Review Date - 12 November 2014
Mr John Stewart said - "Delivery was fine, apart from the fact it was a day early. Product Quality - in general quality is good. Product is pretty much as described, with the exception of the flooring. Overall, I am satisfied, the general quality is good. I hope this is all taken as constructive feedback, because I have already recommended you to several people, and overall am happy with my purchase."
Rating : 4.5 / 5
Review Date - 20 October 2013
Mr Michael Moore said - "I was quite impressed with the overall outcome, however some of the pieces were damaged but cannot see once erected , and I followed the guide to the letter but would suggest that you put more screws into the package as the guide said use 101 and I used 151 as some parts was to unstable if left without them and as you can imagine those long screws are very hard to come bye, but please don't let that put you off buying one as it looks amazing once erected overall very happy with this product"
Rating : 4.5 / 5
Review Date - 27 May 2013
Mr David Parsons said - "Very good cabin, excellent instructions well thought out,alas rained every day since delivered, look forward to assembling the biggest puzzle I've ever seen. Many thanks"
Rating : 4.5 / 5
Review Date - 24 April 2012
Mr R Heath said - "All aspect of ordering and delivery went according to plan. A very helpful service was given by the team. The cabin is now up and with a coat of paint is looking splendid. Thanks very much."
Rating : 4.5 / 5
Review Date - 22 April 2012
Mr Simon Heffernan said - "Great kit - be careful using the long drill bit if using the screws as this can bend quite easily, otherwise very satisfied "
Rating : 4.5 / 5
Review Date - 28 March 2012
Mrs Suzanne Lane said - "Fantastic delivery, very quick and the driver was brilliant. Overall, we are very happy with our purchase. Thank you. Would definitely recommend your company."
Rating : 4.5 / 5
Review Date - 26 November 2011

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