Log Cabin Special Offers

Log Cabin Special Offers

Discover our log cabins currently on special offer

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York 4x3 Log Cabin
Available from Factory Stock
Special Offer on York 4x3
Now £3,790.00
  • Was £3,890.00 Saving £100.00

  • 4000mm x 3000mm
  • Logs :44mm
Brunico Log CabinSpecial Offer on Brunico
Now £5,990.00
  • Was £6,190.00 Saving £200.00

  • 8000mm x 4000mm
  • Logs :44mm

If you want to avoid the rigmarole of getting planning permission for your proposed cabin project consider a cabin with a height no more than 2.5m. This ruling comes into effect if the building is to be positioned less than 2.0m from your boundary. If this is the case then look at the following options that are all designed with a maximum roof height less than 2.5m.

Most of our standard range of cabins with a width no more than 5.0m can be adjusted to fall within this ruling, so if you like a design from elsewhere on the website, call the office and we can discuss the options to have the cabin manufactured with a lower roof.

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