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Garden pavilions are outdoor structures designed to provide a covered space for relaxation, entertainment, and outdoor dining in a garden or backyard. They are usually constructed of wood or metal, and feature a roof and open sides to allow for ample light and ventilation. Some garden pavilions may also have walls or screens that can be closed to protect from wind or insects.

Garden pavilions can vary greatly in size and style, from small structures that can accommodate a few chairs and a table, to larger pavilions that can host a larger group of people. They can be simple and rustic, or elaborate and ornate, depending on the design preferences and budget of the homeowner.

Some garden pavilions are built as standalone structures, while others may be attached to a house or other building. They can be designed to complement the existing architecture of the home, or to create a striking focal point in the garden.

Many garden pavilions also incorporate elements such as fire pits, outdoor kitchens, and lighting, to create a comfortable and functional outdoor living space. They can be used year-round in temperate climates, or seasonally in areas with more extreme weather conditions.

Overall, garden pavilions are a beautiful and functional addition to any outdoor space, providing a space to relax and entertain while enjoying the beauty of nature.

Who doesn't like a garden pavilion to enhance your garden ? We have sizes and designs to suit all budgets and functionality within out superb range of value for money, quality pavilions. Enhance your garden with one of our well priced buildings and enjoy your garden to the full. Whether you have a postage stamp garden or an estate, we have the right garden pavilion for sale that will suit your plot and provide you with somewhere to sit, relax maybe read a book or sip a chilled white wine. Get the most from your garden.

There are many benefits to having a garden pavilion in your outdoor space. Here are some of the most significant advantages:

  1. Shelter from the elements: A garden pavilion provides a covered space that protects you from the sun, rain, wind, and other outdoor elements. This allows you to enjoy your garden or backyard in any weather condition.
  2. Outdoor entertainment: A garden pavilion creates an ideal space for outdoor entertainment. It provides a place to host barbecues, garden parties, or simply to relax and enjoy the company of friends and family.
  3. Increased property value: A well-designed and well-built garden pavilion can increase the value of your property. It adds a unique and attractive feature to your outdoor space that can be a selling point for potential buyers.
  4. Versatility: A garden pavilion is a versatile outdoor structure that can be used for a variety of purposes. It can be used as an outdoor dining area, a relaxation space, a workspace, or even a play area for children.
  5. Aesthetics: A garden pavilion adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your outdoor space. It can be designed to complement the architecture and style of your home, and can be customized to suit your personal taste and preferences.
  6. Increased privacy: If your outdoor space is exposed to neighbors or busy streets, a garden pavilion can create a private and intimate space. It provides a secluded area where you can relax and enjoy your garden without feeling overlooked.

Overall, a garden pavilion is a valuable addition to any outdoor space. It provides a functional and beautiful space for outdoor living, entertainment, and relaxation, and can significantly enhance the value and appeal of your property.

The key features of a garden pavilion can vary depending on the design and style of the pavilion. However, here are some common features that many garden pavilions share:

  1. Roof: A garden pavilion always features a roof that provides shelter from the sun and rain. The roof can be made of a variety of materials, including shingles, metal, or thatch.
  2. Open sides: Garden pavilions typically have open sides that allow for a lot of light and air to enter the space. The open sides also create a sense of connection with the outdoors and the surrounding garden or landscape.
  3. Columns or pillars: Many garden pavilions have columns or pillars that support the roof and provide structural stability. These columns can be made of wood, metal, or stone, and can be decorative or simple in design.
  4. Flooring: Garden pavilions can have a variety of flooring options, including wood, stone, tile, or concrete. The flooring should be durable and suitable for outdoor use.
  5. Seating: Many garden pavilions feature built-in seating or benches that provide a comfortable place to sit and relax. The seating can be made of wood or other weather-resistant materials.
  6. Lighting: Garden pavilions can be illuminated with various types of lighting, such as string lights, lanterns, or built-in fixtures. Lighting adds ambiance and makes the pavilion a usable space even after dark.
  7. Screens or curtains: Some garden pavilions may have screens or curtains that can be closed to provide protection from insects, wind, or rain. These features can add versatility to the pavilion and make it more functional in various weather conditions.
Inverness Garden Pavilion
  • From £2,190.00

  • 2700mm x 2400mm
  • Logs :44mm
Rivera Garden Pavilion
  • From £2,890.00

  • 3500mm x 3030mm
  • Logs :44mm
Ilmenau Garden Pavilion
  • From £2,990.00

  • 3030mm x 3500mm
  • Logs :44mm
Jamaica Garden Pavilion
  • From £3,390.00

  • 3470mm x 3470mm
  • Logs :44mm

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