Log Cabin General Information

Log Cabin General Information

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Building the Log Cabin of Your Dreams

  • Log cabins are one of the fastest growing home types in today's custom home real estate market. These structures are not only aesthetically pleasing to most people, they are also very versatile. You can get a cabin in almost any shape or size.

Why Build a Log Cabin?

  • Log cabins are great for both living and leisure. You can choose to use a log cabin for full time accommodation, garden office or as a summer home. Log cabins also make a good addition to a current piece of property and can be used as a guest house, office, workshop, or as a home for a Jacuzzi or sauna.
  • One of the biggest benefits of log cabin construction is the cost. Log cabin kits are very cost effective and can be built for a fraction of the price of a traditional home or structure.

Choosing a Log Cabin Kit

  • Choosing from the gamut of log cabin kits can be difficult. There are many styles and set-ups to pick from. Before going shopping, it is a good idea to evaluate your needs and wants. Take time to consider size and floor plans to determine what will work for you and what won't. Consider log width, will the cabin be used for 12 months of the year ? You'll also want to take a look at insulation and lighting needs, as well as the type of wood that is appealing to you.

Log Cabin Installation Costs

  • Most log cabin kits come with comprehensive assembly instructions, allowing cabin owners to build their own structure. This can be a cost effective alternative for anyone who is on a budget. If you require a professionally built structure we can put you in touch with expert fitters who are more than happy to assist at an affordable cost.
  • Before assuming that you can't afford to build the log cabin of your dreams, do a little research on our log cabin prices. You may be surprised to find out how little it costs to build a durable cabin that can last a lifetime.

Felt Shingles Installation

  • Choosing felt shingles to make your new cabin water tight is an ideal choice. Keeping out the weather, they also look far superior and pleasing to the eyen than standard shed roofing felt
  • Take a look at the brief instructions for Felt Shingle Installation

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