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Roofing Felt Shingles

One Style / Four Colours

Quality Roofing Felt Shingles

Bourne Green Felt Shingles

Bourne Green

Bourne Grey Felt Shingles

Bourne Grey

Bourne Black Felt Shingles

Bourne Black

Bourne Red Felt Shingles

Bourne Red

Each pack supplied covers 2.4 sq. m. Their construction can be


Felt shingles are available in three colours - Green / Grey / Red as above.

Standard packs are 1000mm x 330mm.

Ridge and starter row tiles are 1000mm x 250mm covering up to 16 linear metres to line the roof edge or 8 linear metres of overlapped ridge.

Shingles packs will cover 2.4m sq if laid correctly and require a minimum 13 degree roof pitch. ORDER SHINGLES

Weight per pack :

  • Shingles - 35kg
  • Ridge Pack - 30kg

Pack Prices (incl VAT):

Felt Shingles - £37.99/pack
Ridge and Starter Tiles - £35.99/pack

Please use our Shingles Calculator to find out the number and cost of packs required for your cabin. This is only necessary if you are purchasing shingles without a cabin.

Our shingles stock is held in our warehouse near Colchester. We do not hold stock at our office location in East Grinstead.

Note - Shipping charges start at £43.00 depending on your location and quantity

Felt Shingles Installation Guide

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