Why Use Garden Adventure ?

Why Use Garden Adventure ?

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Why Use Garden Adventure ?

It's a good question and one we would ask of a supplier if looking to purchase goods for ourselves.

Established in 2001 we've been in business for 23 years. Our longevity in a competitive sector suggests we must be getting something right, but that's not good enough - not to just get one element of the service correct. We want to be the best supplier of Garden Log Cabins in the UK by offering :

  • A service that excels
  • A product that exceeds expectations
  • A product that suits requirements
  • All at a price that is fair and competitive

Our feedback would suggest that we get it right more often than not and when it does go wrong (and very occasionally it does, usually due to circumstance out of our direct control) we endeavour to get things back on track at the earliest opportunity.

Would you like to know more ? - Please, call the office and speak to our Sales Team, we will be pleased to hear from you !

You may even get to speak to the boss - Martin Corby

Martin Corby

Below is a sample of some recent feedback from existing customers ............

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