Log Cabin Kits

Log Cabin Kits

Cheap Log Cabins, Summer Houses and Pavilions

Can I build it - Yes you can !

  • Log cabin kits are available from both "bricks and mortar" suppliers and internet retailers. There is every chance you will get a better deal from an internet retailer due to their relative overheads and may well be keen to haggle !

  • The obvious advantage of visiting a garden centre or dedicated display area is the ability to get touchy feely with the product - all is not lost though should you choose the internet retailer option. Make contact - it may be they have a small show site or even a cabin or two of their own constructed for their own use that would be available for viewing by appointment. Another option is to view a cabin of an existing customer, we have used this to great affect, putting a potential customer in touch with an existing allows first hand knowledge of the selling company and product to be shared without the pressure of a clever sales man !

  • Are all building kits the same ? The same question can be asked of any commodity and the answer is obviously "No". Quality, consistency and longevity are all, to a degree, tangible with cost. If you pay little, you're going to get little. A product that that is clearly under cutting the market will undoubtedly have to compromise on one or all three of our markers (Quality, consistency, longevity) The only rider on this is availability of raw material and labour costs - although Scandinavia have huge timber resources, their labour charges are high. Where you get good value currently are products originating in the Baltic states. Similar to Scandinavia, they have oodles of good timber, but where they score is the labour charges. The labour element of production allows their products to be sold in the UK with good savings to be made without affecting the quality or longevity elements.

  • Are these kits easy to install ? Like everything in life, do a task once and it may take you an hour. Repeat the same task and it takes you 50 minutes and you do a better job. Installing a log cabin kit is well within the skills of a competent DIYer. Cast your eye over our cabin installation tips ,follow the supplied instructions and with a few basic tools you will have your cabin up in no time.

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