Fitting Extras | Log Cabin Kits

Fitting Extras | Log Cabin Kits

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Fitting Extras

Fitting Extras

Convenient methods for fitting extras such as Felt Shingles and Guttering


Cabin Ventilation
How important is it to keep your cabin ventilated ?In short, VERY !Condensation can form in a cabin when warm, moist air comes into contact with cooler surfaces, causing the moisture in the air to condense into water droplets. It ...........


Fitting Gutters to your Log Cabin
There are clear advantages in fitting a gutter system to your log cabin. The two main benfits are : Reduce the amount of splash back from rain falling from the roof, hitting the ground and bouncing back up onto the ...........

Fitting Felt Shingles with Guttering
Fitting guttering to your cabin will benefit twofold : Rain falling of an un-guttered roof will land and likely splash back dirt onto the lower side walls of the cabin not only making the cabiun look dirty, more importantly subjecting ...........


Fitting Bitumen Felt Shingles
Compared to standard roofing felt, felt shingles provide a better quality, longer lasting alternative to shed felt and also are far more pleasing on the eye. We would recommend you seriously consider using these as a means of weather proofing ...........

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