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Devon 5x5 Log Cabin

Devon 5x5 Devon 5x5 Drawings Devon 5x5 Plan View Devon 5x5 3D 44mm Wall Logs

Based on 4 Review's Scores 100/100

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Customer Feedback

Thomas Robertson said - "Erection in progress - No major snags so far Dimensions of floor beares spacings needed modifications in order to get floor boards firmly supported at ends"
Rating : 9/10
Review Date - 24 March 2016
Fiona Mercer said - "Fiona Mercer"
Rating : 10/10
Review Date - 17 November 2015
George McLauchlan said - "Devon arrived well packed and was built very quickly. Everything fitted very well and we are happy with our new garden building"
Rating : 9/10
Review Date - 8 October 2014
Mr Colin Carey said - "It would have been helpful if a little more written detail was provided explaining completion of the roof, however Garden Adventure responded immediately over the phone and gave excellent advice."
Rating : 10/10
Review Date - 16 September 2011


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