Sussex Hidden Haunts

Sussex Hidden Haunts

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Sussex - Home of the South Downs

Sussex, located in southeastern England, is known for its rich history and stunning landscapes. From ancient castles to picturesque villages, the county is filled with hidden haunts waiting to be discovered. Here are a few hidden gems in both West and East Sussex:

Here are some interesting haunts of both East and West Sussex:

West Sussex

  • Chanctonbury Ring: Situated on the South Downs, Chanctonbury Ring is an ancient hill fort with a ring of beech trees. The site is said to be haunted by a ghostly figure known as the "Chanctonbury Ring Ghost."
    Map Location
    Chanctonbury Ring
  • Bramber Castle: Tucked away in the village of Bramber, Bramber Castle is a ruined Norman fortress with a fascinating history. Explore the atmospheric remains and keep an eye out for any lingering spirits. Ed - I remember staying in a local hostelry as a half way point along the South Downs Way that we were cycling over two days. Too tired to worry about any spooky goings on across the road !
    Map Location
    Bramber Castle
  • Devil's Dyke: This stunning valley near Brighton is surrounded by legends and tales of supernatural activity. According to folklore, the Devil dug the dyke to flood the local churches. Enjoy breathtaking views while keeping an eye out for any otherworldly occurrences. Ed - I was recently told that way back when (Victorian era), Devils Dyke was once the location of a permanent fair ground and there remains some of the infrastructure if you look closely. This is an interesting article on the National Trust site that gives more information.
    Map Location
    Devil's Dyke

East Sussex

  • Michelham Priory: Located near Hailsham, Michelham Priory is a beautiful medieval monastery surrounded by a moat. It is rumoured to be haunted by the ghost of a monk, often seen wandering the grounds.
    Map Location
    Michelham Priory
  • Alfriston Clergy House: Visit the quaint village of Alfriston and explore the Alfriston Clergy House, the first property acquired by the National Trust. With its centuries-old charm, it is believed to be haunted by a former resident.
    Map Location
    Alfriston Clergy House
  • Herstmonceux Castle: Discover the enchanting Herstmonceux Castle near Hailsham. This medieval castle is known for its ghostly apparitions, including the "White Lady" and the spirit of a former caretaker.
    Map Location
    Herstmonceux Castle

Remember, paranormal activity and ghost stories are often based on folklore and personal accounts. While exploring these hidden haunts, approach them with an open mind and a sense of adventure. Enjoy uncovering the secrets of Sussex's past!

Unhaunted Cabins

Here at Log Cabin Kits, although the paranormal is of interest to us, we don't profess to offer cabins with a built in spiritual residence. We would prefer you create your own ambience that reflects your personality. Who knows, in time you may even get to have your own ghost to look after your cabin in the hours of darkness !

Which cabin is going to take on your personality ?

Neighbouring Counties

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