Setting Up To Build Your Wooden Garage

Setting Up To Build Your Wooden Garage

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Setting Up To Build Your Wooden Garage

Setting Up To Build Your Wooden Garage

When you start to construct your wooden garage using an interlocking log style kit, there are two means to ensure your building starts square and remains that way.

  • First, select one of the long sides and fix it to the concrete base using an appropriate fixing. It is advisable to run a string line along its length to ensure this side is as close to straight as is possible.
  • We now want to position the first log of the rear wall at right angles to the first log we have just fixed in place.
  • Using the 3-4-5 method to achieve a perfect right angle.
    • Measure along log 1 from the join intersect, a multiple of 4. This could be 1x4m or 8x1ft for example - remember the multiple.
    • Next, measure along the first log of the back wall, again from the intersect a multiple of 3. So if you used the multiple of 1m for the first side log, this measurement will be 1x3m = 3m or if you used 8x1ft, for the first log of the back wall use 6x1ft=6ft
    • Now measure the distance from both marks to form a triangle. If you were using the 1m option, this distance should be 5m when the angle in the corner is a perfect 90° or if using the ft measurement, it will be 10ft.

      3-4-5 Method to achieve Square

    • So now you have the first two sides set up. Fix the rear wall log in place to prevent it from moving whilst you set up the remainder of the garage.
    • Using the same method as above, set up the opposite long wall log shown here in BLUE

      Another 3-4-5 Square Set Up

    • Now add the 2 short returns that form the door opening.
  • Check the Diagonals for Square
    • Now, if the previous work has gone to plan, the next bit is purely for double checking !
    • Measure across the diagonals in both directions. If everything is in order and perfectly square, the distance across both diagonals will be exactly the same. Adjust as necessary !

      Square Across Diagonals

By using the above methods, you should ensure construction of your timber garage starts in good shape, nice and square !

Author - Martin Corby
Posted - 26 Aug 2014

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