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As we move into the new year, many people take the opportunity to make some changes in their lives and, in some cases, revamp their living spaces.

It will probably come as no surprise to learn that many more people were interested in creating the ideal home office in 2020, with an article for the Huffington Post revealing that it wasn’t just people finding space in their homes for an office.

Log Cabin On A Budget

In fact, the publication revealed that there has been a surge in sales of garden home offices, enabling people to feel as though there is still some separation between their work and home lives.

Garden log cabins can be a stylish addition to your property and one that can certainly serve as the perfect home office in an era of remote working and continued lockdowns due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Julie Bliss, architectural designer and owner of Bliss Interiors, told the news provider that a garden office doesn’t simply have to be a square room. “Your room can be 4m high at the apex, so get creative with lines, curves, open glass, lighting and different materials,” she said.

If you’d prefer a more multi-purpose space then a log cabin is ideal because it can be used as a summer house as well as a space to work from.

A survey carried out earlier in 2020 found that log cabins and summer houses were among the list of garden must-haves for Brits, with 15 per cent of those questioned stating that they use their outbuildings as a work space, while 17 per cent use them as a place for their hobbies.

Author - Martin Corby
Posted - 18 Jan 2021

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