Felt Shingles Standing the Test of Time

Felt Shingles Standing the Test of Time


Felt Shingles Standing the Test of Time

Down here in the south we have had some pretty miserable weather of late. Winds in  excess  of 50mph and rain that will warm the hearts of Water Board chief execs. Extreme weather conditions like these are set to challenge the integrity of water proofing materials used on garden buildings. Our preferred option is the use of bitumen felt shingles, a product that we endorse, sell and recommend for our timber buildings, you can find details here.

We are pleased to report there has been only one incident where the strong winds have removed some shingles from a roof. The reason for this, without a full inspection,  it is likely that the newly installed shingles had not had time to bond to the roof boards with the bitumen impregnated to their underside. With little sun, this bitumen gets tacky and adheres to almost anything (try getting it of your hands !)

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Our felt shingles are likely to give you excellent service. Lifespans in excess of 12 years is not uncommon so you should consider the expense for this option as an investment rather than costs that could be cheaper using an inferior product.

Author - Martin Corby
Posted - 04 Jan 2014

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