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Double Glazing Options

We offer three standards of double glazing

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Double Glazing Options

Glazing is offered in three options.

Your choice should be made by considering the building use, for example will it be used 12months of the year. All year round points more towards Superior and Premium, a summer house really only needs to use the Standard fit. Your location will also have a bearing on which to choose - How cold does it get where you live. Scotland has far more cold days than the South East of England, for example. And budget will play a part. The better options do cost more !

In each option, the glass panes are 4mm thick and the double glazing filled with Argon Gas. What varies across the options is the divide width between panes of glass. This ranges from 6mm up to 16mm. In simple terms, the greater the cavity the more efficient and insulating the double glazing becomes.

Door and window furniture also improves with the options

  • Standard : 4-6-4
  • Superior : 4-10-4
  • Premium : 4-16-4

Important :

Standard glazing has side hung windows that open outward.

Superior and Premium windows utilise a tilt and turn hinge mechanism that allows the window to either hinge at the bottom or on the side. In both cases, the window opens inwards

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