The 5 Best Ways To Experience Your Winter Summer House


The 5 Best Ways To Experience Your Winter Summer House

A log cabin can be a wonderful addition to the garden, allowing plenty of opportunities to put it use no matter the weather outdoors, and it’s not limited to being just a summer house.

If you’re spending lockdown keeping boredom at bay with some projects around the home, then don’t forget your garden log cabin to make sure you still have plenty of use for it during the colder months.

Log Cabin On A Budget

With even the addition of a few fairy lights and some outdoor heating, cosy blankets it can be the perfect place for relaxing. We have some ideas on how to use your log cabin all year round.

  1. Kid’s Sleepovers

    While having guests of any ages over is not advisable at the moment, when the pandemic passes and we can be social again, the log cabin summer house can be an ideal alternative for camping out in the back garden.

  2. Relaxing While Stargazing

    Crisp, clear winter nights can provide an excellent opportunity for stargazing. You may even want to convert the log cabin with a folding roof, so you can set up your telescope in your private observatory.

  3. Gym

    With gyms closed or operating at limited capacity, sales of home gym equipment have skyrocketed, and the log cabin can be an ideal dedicated gym area to stop weights and exercise machines cluttering up the house.

  4. Crafts Room

    The extra room provided by a log cabin can make it the ideal place to set up your crafts hobby workshop. It can be a private retreat to explore your creativity, and somewhere to keep all your art supplies.

  5. Winter Party

    Whether it’s a birthday party or festive get-together to celebrate Christmas, holding a party in your summer house can be delightful all year round! You may also consider investing in some portable heating devices to keep everyone safe and chill when it gets extra cold.

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Author - Martin Corby
Posted - 30 Nov 2020

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