More than just a Summer House


More than just a Summer House

When is a summer house not a summer house ?

By the very nature of it's name "Summer House" it would suggest that as soon as the temperatures start to fall, maybe the first frost of the Autumn, it is time to close down your garden building until the following Spring.

Log Cabin On A Budget

Why should this be ? You have a prefectly sound structure that is probably constructed from 44mm logs and although on their own won't ensure you stay snug throughout the year, with a little further thought and application, you could be using your cabin in the summer, autumn, winter and spring !

In the ideal world, you will insulate under the floor, this, of course, needs consideration during the initial build. There are a number of ways you can approach this, but one method we use to great effect is covered in our article Log Cabin Under Floor Insulation. It shows how to successfully use 50mm celotex (PIR insulation boards) as a means of under floor insulation and ensures it does not come into contact with moisture or puddling water.

So you have the floor insulated, where else should I target to best effect ? According to my old physics teacher, "hot air rises". So any warmth you introduce into the cabin will have a natural tendancy to go up ! Let's reduce the amount of warmth lost through the roof by again offering some insulation in this key area.

Insulating the roof can be achieved during the build process or retro fitted, depending on your circumstances. In both cases, we would recomend no less than 50mm celotex boards (or similar). To install insulation during the initial build, take a look at this artice "Easy Roof Insulation". TThis will take you through the method and materials required in a step by step format.

With the insulation installed, now is the time to consider some additional heating. There are many ways you can add heat to your log cabin including electric, gas and natural fuels - you pays ya money, you take the choice ! Probably the easiest and most common form is the elecric heater. If you choose this method, bear in mind the power supply to the cabin to ensure it can carry sufficient current.

So now with an insulated and heated cabin, use it 12 months of the year and enjoy its persona as the seasons change !

Author - Martin Corby
Posted - 22 Aug 2014

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