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Could A Log Cabin Office Be The Future Of WFH


The second national lockdown has indicated that remote working is likely to be a long term reality for many people and that a dedicated office in the garden is an ideal way of helping the division between home and work.

Back in March during the first lockdown, it had been considered that the work from home situation would be only temporary, but many months later, the kitchen table is still littered with work files and folders - as well as the kids’ homework, your partner’s WFH clutter, and the remnants of last nights dinner.

Log Cabin On A Budget

It’s time to look at a more permanent solution, such as a garden home office.

Even before the pandemic forced the hand of businesses to enable the mass migration to remote working, it had become a trending theme for many businesses as people wanted the option to work from home for a couple of days a week, if not full time.

However, many are finding out that the kitchen table is not the ideal office desk - never mind working from the sofa or even the bed - particularly in a busy household where two or more members are also trying to WFH and continue the best they can with their daily lives.

We all must maintain a healthy work-life balance, and while being able to spend more time at home with the loved ones has been a benefit for many, working from home has blurred the lines between work and home like never before

Not only is it going to affect your work productivity, but it is not conducive to a happy home environment to be able to see your work desk from the sofa or bed.

Garden log cabins can provide a bespoke solution allowing you to reap the benefits of working from home while also providing a divide between work and home.

A working-from-home log cabin can be a short commute that is sufficiently far away from the chaos and comfort of a home but not so far that you can't ‘go home’ for lunch. Think garden shed but with insulation, lights and plug sockets.

If you’re wanting to see log cabin designs in the Uk for your garden home office, get in touch!

Author - Martin Corby
Posted - 17 Nov 2020

Disclaimer: This information is subject to change and as such, is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute professional advice. Readers are encouraged to verify the details independently.

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