Customised Monterosa Cabin

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Customised Monterosa Cabin

Andy wanted to provide a building that the local school could use as a base for woodland crafts and for those students working for their Duke of Edinburgh Award. There were no buildings he could find online or indeed a response from various building suppliers that fulfilled his needs. That's when Andy contacted Garden Adventure.


As Andy was local, he called into the office to discuss what his vision was for the woodland retreat. We sat in front of a PC screen picking out various design elements from our standard range that worked for him.

Custom Size Monterosa

Design elements we put into the pot were :

  • Size.
  • Number and size of windows.
  • Covered porch area.

As a starting point, we chose the Monterosa Cabin. This had a design that we could customise with the necessary features.

Monterosa Cabin

Customise the Standard Monterosa

The required internal space for the intended use was in the region of 30sq metres, Andy also wanted an extended covered porch area.

So to achieve both, we agreed on an overall width of 6.5m and a room depth of 5.0m. The porch depth was increased to 2.4m. That gave us the basic dimensions from which we applied the same design ratios to come up with the remainder of the cabin dimensions.

Monterosa Cabin Floor Plan

More light was required, so additional windows were positioned in the back and side wall resulting in there being two windows in all of the four walls.

Monterosa Cabin Windows

Final Tweaks

Once the design was agreed, there were a few other optional upgrades that Andy felt were appropriate to the final use. Here are those upgrades :


The final built resulted in a wonderful cabin, in Andys own words, far exceeding expectation.

We left the installed unit to have finishing touches applied, including water and electricity supplies.

Even before the surrounding landscaping is complete, the cabin looks fabulous !

Monterosa Cabin Final

Author - Martin Corby
Posted - 22 Apr 2024

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