Bespoke Cabin for Montessori Nursery

Bespoke Cabin for Montessori Nursery

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Bespoke Cabin for Montessori Nursery

This week we supplied and installed a bespoke cabin for Lavendale Montessori Nursery in North London. The Nursery required a two room building for storage and additional work space - none of our "off the shelf" options worked for them so between us we designed a cabin to their exact requirements. On this occasion we also provided a comprehensive installation service which included :

  • Full structure installation
  • Insulation to under floor and roof
  • External wood treatment
  • External flame retardant

Building installation ensures a professional and exact finish utilising our years of experience working with buildings constructed from interlocking wall logs. Insulation was a necessity so that the building could be used 12 months of the year. The walls are 44mm thick and the glass is double glazed as standard across our 44mm range, but any additional heat would quickly dissipate if insulation was not increased, particularly to the roof (heat rises, accordingly to my O Level physics teacher) We applied 50mm celotex boards to the roof and under floor - with the additional heating the cabin will quickly get cosy and maintain the temperature for the comfort of all users. External treatment in the form of Rystix Exterior Armadek was applied (three coats) which will provide excellent protective qualities to the timbers for a long and trouble free life. Additional applications will be required in time to maintain the protection levels.

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Due to the cabins location, it was also agreed that a flame retardant was applied to prevent any "accidents".

If you have a project that is not catered for by our standard range of cabins, please contact Garden Adventure and we can discuss your requirements and like Lavendale, provide you with a full bespoke service.

Author - Martin Corby
Posted - 07 Feb 2015

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