Why Log Cabins Are Not Just For Summer


Why Log Cabins Are Not Just For Summer

At this time of year, we start to spend less time outdoors, and garden buildings can tend to get neglected. However, there’s no reason why your log cabin can’t be an all-season space if you make the right preparations. Here are some tips to make your log cabin a comfortable and cosy place to work or rest, even on nippy winter nights.

Go for double glazing

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The glazing in roofs, windows and doors is one of the main sources of heat loss in colder temperatures. To combat this, go for double or triple glazing if you want to use the cabin in winter. If you currently have single glazing and are not ready to upgrade, make sure that the windows and doors are well sealed to exclude draughts.

Consider insulated floors and ceilings

Most heat is lost through the flooring and roof, so if you are going to add insulation, it makes sense to start with these areas first. If you are specifying a new cabin for year-round use, make sure you know exactly what level of insulation is provided. It may be possible to retrofit insulation boards to older cabins, depending on the age and design of the structure.

Install underfloor heating

If you really want the cabin to feel warm and comfortable in the winter, the best solution is to install underfloor heating. Not only will you avoid the need to have bulky portable radiators or heaters taking up valuable floor space, but you will have an efficient and effective heat source.

Underfloor heating systems run on lower temperatures than most other heating methods, and provide a steady heat which lasts for hours, even after the heating has been switched off.

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Author - Martin Corby
Posted - 27 Oct 2022

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