Why A Summer House Is  Your Best Summer Bet

Why A Summer House Is Your Best Summer Bet


Why A Summer House Is Your Best Summer Bet

There are many people who have thought about getting garden summer houses, but 2021 may be the best year yet to do so.
Although the UK’s vaccination programme has been progressing at a spectacular rate, the uncertainty over what that actually means for going away on holiday in the months ahead is not yet known. Indeed, the prime minister has responded to conflicting views expressed by ministers over the issue by advising people it’s too soon to book summer gataways.

Given the risk that new variants will require modified booster injections and the much slower progress being made in vaccinating most other countries, there is little certainty about what will be possible four or five months from now.

Log Cabin On A Budget

The great thing about getting a summer cabin is that you can make the most of your summer days at home, whether you are spending the whole of the season at home or most of it with a break somewhere in the middle of it. After all, even if you do get away, that still leaves most of the three months of summer to enjoy.

Also, its worth noting that even if UK holidays can still go ahead, there are many problems that can arise.

The Guardian has listed a number of these, including higher prices in hotels and B&Bs, with many people keen to book longer holidays to make up for a number of missed breaks. This demand will be further inflated by the need for some people to rebook by a certain time as they have expiry dates on vouchers for deferred 2020 trips.

All that means dreams of longer summer trips in the location you fancy spending them in might be a little harder to do than hoped.

That may be why making 2021 the year you have a great summerhouse built is the wisest choice you could make. While hopes of a great getaway remain in the balance, you can at least ensure you have a facility in which to enjoy the best of the summer sun at home, both this year and for many more to come.

Author - Martin Corby
Posted - 18 Feb 2021

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