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Should the timber type be of concern in the manufacture of a log cabin ? Both spruce and redwoods are commonly used to manufacture the logs from which you're building will be constructed. You will find blog posts and articles stating that one or other is better suited for Log Cabin construction,  in our opinion and experience both spruce and redwood are suitable, each have similar natural properties. More important is the speed at which the trees have been forced to grow, this can be of concern. A tree that has been encouraged to grow at an unnatural rate will have more widely spaced growth rings resulting in a less dense structure. When logs are machined from this type of wood they tend to be less stable and more inclined to twist and warp. All our cabins are produced from timber that is slow grown and FSC stamped. If you have a preference as to wood type, please contact the office prior to purchase. We can request the cabin of choice is produced in the timber of your choice - this may affect the lead time. By Martin Corby

Log Cabin On A Budget

Author - Martin Corby
Posted - 23 Oct 2012

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