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What Is 2022s Biggest Home Improvement Trend


After spending much of the last two years at home, many Brits have jumped on board the home improvement train, choosing to update or add space to their house. So, what is the biggest renovation trend going to be this year?

According to Rated People’s Home Improvement Trends Report 2022, more homeowners are opting to build an extension than any other property project, spending an average of £18,850 for the job.

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This is followed by building an annexe, which is slightly cheaper at £16,731, and adding an en-suite bathroom (£15,885).

It is clear from the report that lots of people are keen on having more space at home, whether they are creating separate rooms, adding a home bar, making an outdoor entertainment area, or building a home gym. 

A spokesperson for Rated People said: “If we look at how homeowners want to spend their home improvement budget this year, four of the five adaptations are around space optimisation.”

This follows from last year’s report, which revealed a quarter of residents in the UK wanted a bigger home and would pay £14,000 more for a property with an annexe. In addition to this, 38 per cent of the public wanted to improve their home offices and 47 per cent planned to improve their garden.

While a lot of home improvement jobs that homeowners planned for 2021 were to do with maintenance, 11 per cent of residents intended to build extra storage, the same number wanted to make a room multi-functional, ten per cent were keen on a loft conversion, nine per cent wished to build an extension, seven per cent had plans for a home office, six per cent wanted a home gym, four per cent were going to add a conservatory, and four per cent were moving forward with their plans for an annexe.

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Author - Martin Corby
Posted - 28 Jun 2022

Disclaimer: This information is subject to change and as such, is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute professional advice. Readers are encouraged to verify the details independently.

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