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Unusual Uses For Your Garden Log Cabin

There are a host of reasons to buy a log cabin in the UK and build it in your garden. It can give you a great bit of extra space where you can escape from the hubbub of the family home, or it can become your new home office.

But there are a few people who have taken the idea of a log cabin to new levels. The Express and Star recently reported on one woman who constructed a log cabin in her back garden to give her a salon for her hairdressing business.

Log Cabin On A Budget

The newspaper revealed that Amanda Russell, who lives in Fradley, Lichfield, was granted planning permission for the structure, which she intends to use for her business.

In the planning application, Ms Russell explained that she wanted to have the salon at her home to allow her to have a more flexible working life.

Log cabins are a great option if you’re going to be running a business from home, because they not only provide you with a completely separate space, but also look stylish.

Meanwhile, the Metro recently reported on another woman who has gone to extremes to stop her husband disappearing to the pub all the time.

Jayne Tapper, who lives in Newton Abbot in Devon with her husband Paul, built a log cabin in their back garden that serves as a pub for her husband and his friends.

Named The Doghouse, the log cabin is kitted out with its own bar, as well as a seating area, and it’s become a space that the whole family love.

Author - Martin Corby
Posted - 19 Dec 2019

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