Tips For Styling Your Cabin For Guests

Tips For Styling Your Cabin For Guests


Tips For Styling Your Cabin For Guests

If you are having guests for Christmas, you might be making use of your log cabin as a handy spare room. However pleased we may be to see our loved ones over the festive season, having your own personal space to retreat to from time to time is definitely nice to have! Here are some tips for styling the perfect guest annexe.

For an ideal scenario, the log cabin will have a mini-kitchen, a bathroom, and a bedroom. This will require multi-room cabins which meet the building regulation requirements for heating, ventilation, electricals, and so on.

A log cabin which is fit for overnight use will be more costly to install, but you may see a good return on your investment if the cabin can be used as a granny annexe in the future, or even rented out as holiday accommodation.

To make sure that the space feels homely and comfortable, keep everywhere feeling light, bright, and airy, with cosy soft furnishings to soften up the look. Choose the lighting carefully, so there are layers of ambient wall lights or soft lamps for evening time, and dimmable task lighting for areas such as the kitchen and bathroom.

When picking a colour scheme, a good policy is to use neutral colours, such as light grey, white, beige, and earth tones, in about 70 to 80% of the space, such as the walls and flooring. This then gives you freedom to add splashes of colour and pattern with items which are more easily changed, such as rugs, cushions, bedding, and throws.

Keep accessories to a few well-chosen items, as this is a case where less is definitely more. Pick just a few things such as a couple of pictures to make the space feel personal and welcoming, but keep it neutral enough for guest to add their own items to help it feel like a home from home, and not as though they are in someone else’s space.

Author - Martin Corby
Posted - 22 Nov 2022

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