Specialist Cabin Supplier in the South East


Specialist Cabin Supplier in the South East

With over 12 years in the garden building sector, it is not surprising we have managed to build up a huge wealth of knowledge about the design, manufacture and supply of such buildings. For this reason, we believe we are a specialist cabin supplier in the South East. Not one for "blowing our own trumpet" in the usual way, we just let our customers do the talking, but in the case case why shouldn't we - young upstarts will come and go, large firms will promise the earth and then loose you in the mix of trying to deliver a personal service.

That is why choosing to do  business  with Garden Adventure will leave you knowing that your money has been spent wisely. We can hold your hand all the way from choosing the best building solution for your needs and budget through to installation. Yes, we can install for you, but competent DIYers will be very capable of construction - And should you come up against an ambiguous piece of instruction, then call - we will be only too pleased to assist as required. Central to the South East, we are based in East Grinstead. Most of our cabins, shipped through our warehouse in Colchester, end up in this area although don't loose sight of the fact we can ship to all UK mainland and have service partners covering the whole of the UK for a professional installation service should this be required.

Log Cabin On A Budget

Author - Martin Corby
Posted - 30 Dec 2013

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