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Some Companys Propaganda Makes Me MAD


It really does upset me and it  shouldn't really, but it does................... Whatever industry you work in it is good business sense to keep an eye on whats  happening  within the industry and particularly competitor activity. Supplying Log Cabins is no exception; work blinkered, disregarding what is going on elsewhere and live to suffer the consequence. In passing my eye over a particular competitors website I noticed a heading "The Amazing Log Cabin Comparison!" - I had to take a look........ This company proceeded to spout of about how great their cabins are and comparatively how poor everyone  else's  were - in some cases, this may be true, certain companies may be after a quick buck and short cut on quality control elements of their operation but their reign will be short lived. Personally, I find it distasteful to slate my competitors, its very easy to do and a few potential  customers might think you better for it but let your existing customers do the talking - if there are serious flaws in your product, customers will soon let you know. So far this hasn't been the case at Garden Adventure, we are proud of the genuine reviews we get, take a look for yourself ..............and truly, by coincidence, we  received a chasing email from an irate customer, his log cabin  was scheduled for delivery last week, but it didn't show - nor any advise from his supplier. For whatever reason delivery was not going to happen but there had been no communication from this company leaving him with wasted time off taken from work and a bill to pay carpenters who did nothing. He sent his message incorrectly to us - we called him back as we had no record of his order. On investigation it was our nationwide friends failing - ouch. Not all suppliers are the same !!!!! Nice Smile

Log Cabin On A Budget

Author - Martin Corby
Posted - 19 Aug 2013

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