Plastic Sheds for the Garden

Plastic Sheds for the Garden


Plastic Sheds for the Garden

We are seeing more and more plastic sheds for the garden being offered by the mainstream manufacturers in this competitive market.

The advantages are fairly obvious -

Log Cabin On A Budget

  • No maintenance required ( maybe just a wash off occasionally)
  • Ease of construction
  • Cost

Most people are purchasing a plastic shed in order to take advantage of the maintenance requirements being virtually nil ! Plastic does not deteriorate like timber of metal without regular applications of suitable treatments. The only "maintenance" that is required might be an occasional wash down with some mild detergent, just to keep it looking in good shape.

Plastic sheds are generally flat packed and require minimal construction. Depending on its size, the walls, floor and roof components will be in manageable sizes either "clicking" together or with the aid of screws. In any case, construction is simple when following the supplied instructions.

Cost can also be a factor in making the decision to go with plastic - in most cases, like for like sizes are cheapest when selecting plastic as the manufacturing material.

Environmental considerations - if like us, you are giving more and more time to consider how your own actions are contributing to the planets demise, plastic may conflict with ethos and timber may be a better option. Your choice !

Plastic Sheds

Author - Martin Corby
Posted - 22 Dec 2018

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