Plan For A Cosy Autumn Cabin

Plan For A Cosy Autumn Cabin


Plan For A Cosy Autumn Cabin

The most common reasons for people installing garden log cabins include giving themselves a summer house and providing a place of escape and solitude during lockdown. Now summer is ending and lockdown is, hopefully, a thing of the past, some may ask what reason there might be to build one now.

However, autumn and winter provide plenty of great motivations of their own. For one, you might want to construct something that is suitable for year-round use, which means you won’t leave it idle when summer’s end, but can spend time in a cosy environment when the autumn leaves and winter snow are cascading from above.

There are several ways of making a log cabin suitable for the colder months. One of these is to have it fitted with good insulation to stop the heat leaking out, ensuring that when you warm it up, it stays warm.

Another consideration is expansion. Timber does naturally expand and contract according to the temperature, because it is fibrous like a sponge and soaks up moisture. That means it can dry out and contract in summer, meaning some gaps might appear and still be there when dry but cold autumn weather arrives, while winter expansion can lead to untreated wood being exposed.

To avoid the damage and negative impact on the insulating qualities of wood this can cause, you will need to have the wood treated to stabilise moisture levels and prevent these two extremes. This will make your cabin better suited to year-round conditions and enable it to last longer.

Of course, you can also do work on the inside to make your cabin a cosy place on a cold day, with heating complemented by throws and blankets, thick curtains and warm colours.

Indeed, you could adopt the Danish Hygge approach to making all things cosy on dark winter nights; with fairy lights, mood lamps and music to create an atmosphere of comfort and shelter.

This autumn could be the perfect time to get a new log cabin constructed that will help you create this wonderful atmosphere to see you through the cold and dark months ahead. 

Author - Martin Corby
Posted - 23 Sep 2021

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