Making Use Of Your Log Cabin In Winter


Making Use Of Your Log Cabin In Winter

You might have spent a glorious summer making use of your garden log cabin, but to ensure you can make use of it all year round, you need to ensure it is prepared for winter. With just a few simple checks and tricks, you can protect your log cabin from frost, snow, and the winter cold.

Whether you use your log cabin as a garden office, workshop, or simply a place to sit and admire the hard work you have put into your garden, follow our tips, and you can be sure to make use of the log cabin all winter!

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Check for damage

Before it gets too cold, check your log cabin for damage, including the doors, windows and walls inside and out for possible cracks, which not only let the cold air in but can become much larger cracks.

Check the roofing for damage, holes, and clear it of debris, as well as clear the gutters of debris and fallen leaves.

Turn off the water

If you have a mains water supply to your log cabin, then make sure you turn it off for winter and open all the taps in the cabin to drain water from the pipes. Once the temperatures plummet below 0ºC, the water pipes can freeze and potential burst if they are full of water.

Good insulation

Your log cabin will be robust, and the wood construction will give it an advantage during the winter season. But insulating the cabin will make it even warmer and more useable over the season. A simple electric heater can then keep the inside toasty and comfortable!

Ventilation is important

It is important to ventilate the log cabin sufficiently so that mould does not form. Regularly open the windows in the cabin, only for around 10 to 20 minutes to aerate the space.

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Author - Martin Corby
Posted - 08 Dec 2021

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