Log Cabin Kits meets Instagram


Log Cabin Kits meets Instagram

The year is 2020 and we can all agree it is seldom we come across individuals who do not use social media platforms in one way or another. So, seeing as it is 2020, Log Cabin Kits has decided to up our social media game by diving into the world of Instagram. Seeing as Instagram is predominantly photographs, we feel this is a much more visual and interactive way of showcasing our beautiful log cabins to anyone that follows.

Our first photo was posted on the day of New Year’s Eve 2019, captioned: ‘Another successful installation of a bespoke multi-room cabin’. This is a really nice shot of a tiled pathway down to a freshly installed cabin. From first glance it is not too dissimilar to our Livata Log Cabin without Gerogian bars on the windows - very nice!

Log Cabin On A Budget

Going into 2020 our Instagram career was off to a snail-paced start. With only a handful of followers and not much inspiration for captions and stories to post. End of February rolled around and a new lease of life began seeping its way into our Instagram account; funny captions, more likes, more follows, posting stories including polls for our followers. We really enjoy doing polls on our stories because we get to hear what our wonderful followers think! For example, our first poll is titled ‘What would you do with the space if you had TWO rooms in your log cabin?’

Whoever views our story gets to vote for:

  • Cosy Room + Storage
  • WFH Office + Music Room
  • Cinema + Workout Zone
  • Man Cave + Bike Shed

(WFH = Working From Home - check us out with the current lingo!)

Obviously 2020 has not been the year anyone on this planet expected so far! So Instagram was a fantastic tool for us and many other businesses to use, enabling us to reach out to followers and customers regarding our position as a business during the uncertainty of Covid-19.

On a lighter note, since then, we have been keeping our feed regularly updated: introducing videos and memes onto our feed, and in July we even launched our very first Instagram exclusive competition, which is STILL LIVE! If you would like to be one of the lucky 5 winners, head to our profile @logcabinkits and scroll down to our COMPETITION post. Good luck :)

It is now August and we are 27 posts in and 1,053 followers up. So a huge thanks to everyone that has followed us and continues to support our business in one way or another. Stay tuned for more Instagram exclusive promotions and offers!

Author - Martin Corby
Posted - 31 Jul 2020

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