Jamey and His Log Cabin

Jamey and His Log Cabin


Jamey and His Log Cabin

Finally, Jamey makes his dream house atop a corner of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Undeniably he says that his house is a dream come true as he had waited for a decade to see himself living inside this personalized little home. After a lot of planning, a lot of cancellations and yes a lot of patience; now Jamey lives here. His Log house is somewhat like a small mansion although- Spiral Staircases, Handcrafted doors and little standing blocks on the exterior walls for his cat- Scooh! Along with the cabin, he built a garden log cabin too on the western side of his home. It’s small in size but it’s his favorite sneak peak because his pinned paintings which were made in sleepless late nights during his terrible days rest here in silence. He built it with no “personal” intelligence and has just kept it simple and attractive through the approach. He had used dried logs and careful interlocking tactics to keep the entrance very stable and confirmed about its grip. But when it’s time to snow, his steel roofed cabin, in fact what he calls a Garden Office, becomes his place to run to and watch the snow falling while he pens down his luring imaginations.

He, indeed has made quite a countable number of wooden structures and building to demonstrate to any visitor how he thinks a solitary life could be the happiest. A happy life could be carved out of any idea, plan or sometimes dreams. Jamey has made his loneliness a better place to live and count his privacy, but many set up their log houses, log cabins, garden buildings, wooden garages on a serious note of belonging. They design it by themselves or just share their plans with the providers who are into these log cabin sales or construction. Rather, some make it look more comprehensive to aristocracy displaying articulate variations, bringing up a personal corner of serenity from the concrete.

Log Cabin On A Budget

Modern Log cabins are water resistant and fire-proof and are built with the most modern technologies providing it a secured longevity and endurance. Cheap log cabins are affordable through certain stores who provide the best logs and safe erection techniques in very reasonable ranges.

Author - Martin Corby
Posted - 17 May 2014

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