How To Prepare Your Log Cabin For Cold Weather

How To Prepare Your Log Cabin For Cold Weather


How To Prepare Your Log Cabin For Cold Weather

Winter is definitely upon us, with weather forecasters predicting an arctic blast to hit the UK from as early as next week. Therefore, it is essential to weather-proof your house and outbuildings to make sure they can withstand the drop in temperature.

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For those with log cabins in the UK, here are some tips on how to prepare your building for the cold spell.

  • Check For Leaks
    • The first thing to do is to check the log cabin for any signs of leaks, mould or damp. If you spot any dampness, it is essential to sort this out before the weather gets worse. Make sure windows are well-sealed and apply a solvent-based preservative to the wood every year to ensure it remains waterproof. Some paints also provide waterproofing, so you could update the look of your cabin at the same time as protecting it from the rain.
  • Use Clever Storage Solutions
    • Temperatures are set to plummet before winter is over, with experts anticipating they will drop by as much as five degrees Celsius this week alone, according to the Express. Freezing conditions can dramatically affect the interior of the building, as well as the exterior. Damp, cold weather can cause mould, not only on the building but also on everything stored in there. That is why it is wise to set up clever storage solutions on the walls and ceiling to lift your belongings off the floor as much as possible. Using window covers is also a good idea, as this will stop condensation forming, which leads to excess moisture.
  • Clear Up Outside
    • It is not just the exterior and interior you have to worry about, but what is going outside your log cabin. To ensure the air gap is maintained around all sides of the building, it is important to clear debris frequently. At this time of the year, there are many leaves on the floor, which can cause problems to the base of the cabin if not removed. Sweep dead leaves up regularly to prevent dampness forming on the floor, as well as to allow the air gap to remain. Don’t forget to cut back on overhanging branches as well, as these could fall on to the cabin if torn down in a windy storm, potentially causing a lot of damage.
  • Remove Snow
    • BBC Weather forecaster Carol Kirkwood recently told the public snow is expected to fall next week, with weather maps also predicting snow flurries as early as this weekend (November 30th and December 1st). Scotland and north-east England will be hit first, while most of the UK will be affected by the white stuff by December 11th, the newspaper reported. Therefore, most log cabin owners in the country will need to be vigilant at removing snow as quickly as possible. Clear up any piles of snow from the roof with a broom or rake, as this cause a lot of damage if left. For instance, the weight of the snow could put pressure on the roof, while it could also result in dampness forming in the cabin once the snow begins to melt.

Despite the cold weather, it is wise to open doors and windows from time to time to keep the air flowing, as well as making sure any settled snow is wiped away effectively.

Author - Martin Corby
Posted - 10 Dec 2019

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