How To Keep Your Log Cabin Safe And Secure

How To Keep Your Log Cabin Safe And Secure


How To Keep Your Log Cabin Safe And Secure

Whatever kind of log cabin you have in your garden, from a shed to a garden summer house, it’s important to ensure they are as secure and safe and protected from burglary as much as you protect your home.

According to the Chester Standard, police have issued warnings to Chester and Frodsham residents to ensure their sheds are secure after a spate of break-ins. There are over 10 million garden outbuildings, sheds, and log cabins in the UK, and sadly they’re not all as protected as they should be, and a target for thieves.

We have some tips to help boost the security of your log cabin.

  1. Position

    It’s a good idea to ensure your log cabin or shed is sited out of obvious sight from the road, but also avoid tucking it away in a secluded part of your garden that may provide ample cover for thieves.

  2. Contents and windows

    The majority of burglaries are done by opportunist thieves looking for easy targets. Whatever you keep in your shed, make sure it is not on display for anyone to see. If you are unlike, to be using your shed during the winter months, consider fitting shutters over the windows.
    If you keep tools and ladders in your shed, you could be providing a thief with the equipment he needs to get access to your home, so make sure it is all locked away.

  3. Door and construction

    Inspect the locking mechanism on the door of your log cabin or shed. It may be worth beefing up the locks and padlocks but beware of getting the biggest, shiniest padlock you can find, as thieves may wonder what expensive items inside the lock is protecting.
    The door hinges can be one of the weakest security points, consider replacing the small screws that came with the shed with longer nuts and bolts (or one way long screws, that can’t be unscrewed).
    These can be special security bolts or for a DIY measure, you could put a bit of superglue on the nut/bolt on the inside of the shed so it can’t be easily unscrewed.
    The roof could provide easy access for thieves too, so make sure the roof is robust, doesn’t have any weak points or damage, and isn’t easy to lift off with a crowbar.

  4. Security lights and alarms

    If you have a home security system, see if it can be extended to cover your shed or log cabin too. A motion-activated security light can be an easy addition and deterrent for thieves, and if you do not have mains electricity in your shed, there are solar-powered versions available.
    However, carefully consider the positioning of the security light and sensor as you do not want it setting off every two minutes, and you do not want it intruding onto neighbouring properties.
    Fit an alarm, so if the door is opened or there is movement inside the shed then the alarm can be activated. There is a range of alarms on the market, covering every budget and either mains or battery powered.

  5. Bike locks and an anchor point

    If your shed is used to keep bikes, be that motorbikes or pedal bikes, then ideally, you will want a concrete base to which you can secure a ground anchor, or failing that, a locking point that securely attaches to the shed wall. Make sure any bikes are locked up. The more effort a thief would have to go to steal your belongings, the less interested they will be.

If you’re considering building a log cabin in the UK, then consider additional security as you construct it!

Author - Martin Corby
Posted - 11 Dec 2020

Disclaimer: This information is subject to change and as such, is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute professional advice. Readers are encouraged to verify the details independently.

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