How To Add Solar Power To Your Log Cabin

How To Add Solar Power To Your Log Cabin


How To Add Solar Power To Your Log Cabin

The log cabin, summer house, or simple traditional shed has found a new lease of life in 2020, as people stuck in the coronavirus lockdown have turned to make the best of their outdoor spaces, and transformed their sheds to fit their new lifestyles.

But whether you have converted, or considering converting your shed into a bar, a home office, or even use as a stage for comedy, you'll likely need a power supply. Why not consider seeing how solar power can provide you with a sustainable power source for your shed activities. We have a quick guide to installing solar power on your shed or log cabin.

Log Cabin On A Budget

I need to power a small fridge in my shed – can solar power this?

You can power a fridge from solar power but bear in mind that a fridge needs to run 24 hours a day and that a common household fridge will need 240V, so it may be wise to consider a 12V fridge that is less energy-intensive.

Installing a 200W 12V panel and a 110Ah of sealed gel battery will be sufficient. You will need an inverter to match the energy use of the fridge, so be sure to check the appliance’s consumption before using the inverter.

If I wanted to just power a laptop and a light in my shed – what’s the minimum kit I need?

Laptops have a low voltage input, typically around 15V DC, so with a 120W solar panel, a 20A regulator, and a 75Ah battery, and a DC/DC multi-voltage charger, you will have enough power for most IT needs.

Do I have to have the panel on the shed roof?

No, but the higher up it is, the better. Assess how the sunlight falls on your shed to figure out the optimum placement for the panel and keep it clean and clear to maximise the power you get from it.

Most suppliers of solar panel kits would be able to advise you on the best system for your needs and help with installation queries, should you need.

If you’re interested in building a log cabin in the UK, get in touch today!

Author - Martin Corby
Posted - 15 Sep 2020

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