How Summer Staycations Can Inspire Log Cabins At Home

How Summer Staycations Can Inspire Log Cabins At Home


How Summer Staycations Can Inspire Log Cabins At Home

With all the recent problems at airports, many people will have shelved plans for that long-awaited post-Covid trip overseas and gone for another trip in the UK.

That may have brought some unexpected delights, such as visits to places in Britain some folk will not have seen before, be it historic cities, rugged areas of coastline or beautiful countryside.

Log Cabin On A Budget

It may also have another effect; that of inspiring people to take a bit of the holiday experience home with them by acquiring their own garden log cabins.

In a feature on staycations, the Daily Mirror observed that those keeping the passport in the draw this summer can find lots of “wonderful hotels and log cabins to visit” across the country. Examples include the Kelty Cabins, hobbit-style residences in the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park, the cabins at Oakwood Lodge near Rhyader in mid-Wales, or glamping at Tan Y Bryn near Llandudno.

The Mirror is not alone in highlighting the delights of wooden cabins. Leicestershire Live noted that there are a number of such facilities in the county and neighbouring Rutland, such as Mallory Meadows at Kirkby Mallory or Eye Kettleby Lakes near Melton Mowbray.

A key feature of these facilities is they are not cold, empty huts. Instead, they are comfortable, insulated, heated facilities with plenty of creature comforts. Summer holidays can be wonderful experiences but, sadly, they soon come to an end, though the memories will often be golden.

However, by building a log cabin at home, there is one way in which people can enjoy not only other parts of summer, but the rest of the year too, with a cosy little hideaway that preserves some of that special vibe. Indeed, it might become the primary source of such luxuries for those who go back to braving busy airport terminals next summer.

Author - Martin Corby
Posted - 05 Aug 2022

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