Garden Spending Soars During Lockdown

Garden Spending Soars During Lockdown


Garden Spending Soars During Lockdown

Over the last few months, many Brits have had to be quarantined in their homes with very little to do and nobody to see due to lockdown restrictions. As a result, lots of people have found their spending surge during this period, despite the fact that non-essential shops were shut for the majority of the time.

Among the items that Britons have been spending their money on are garden furniture and equipment.

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Indeed, according to recent figures from Admiral Home Insurance, spending on gardening items has soared by 23 per cent since March 23rd while people have spent seven per cent more on outdoor furniture over the last three months.

Those who have been on furlough and unable to work during this period have spent even more on their outdoor spaces. The results revealed they spent 254 per cent more during lockdown on garden items than they had before it, presumably fuelled by the increased amount of time they could now spend in their yards and on their lawns.

Unable to go to work for several weeks, it is unsurprising many people picked up the hobby of gardening to pass the time, particularly as there have been spells of lovely weather recently.

Just last week, the mercury hit 32.6C at Heathrow, leaving people with little choice but to enjoy basking in the sunshine in their gardens.

The heatwave could return again next month, with the Met Office predicting “above average” temperatures for July, especially during the second half of the month, the Express reported.

Therefore, those who have invested more in the garden recently will be able to reap the rewards by spending most of the following weeks enjoying their outdoor haven. Moreover, homeowners who have not yet topped up their garden equipment or furniture may be inclined to do so ahead of the summer heatwave, so they are well prepared for when the sunny weather does return.

Head of home insurance at Admiral Noel Summerfield stated: “We’ve all relied on different things to get us through the challenge of lockdown, and as well as shopping for essentials we’ve been spending to improve the comfort of our time in confinement and to enhance our outdoor spaces.”

He added: “When it comes to items we’re spending more on, gardening equipment and garden furniture have both seen an increase. I’m sure the wonderful weather most of us enjoyed in May contributed to this.”

This explains why garden furniture has been the second most popular thing to purchase during lockdown, following clothes and coming ahead of make-up, home office equipment, craft supplies, headphones and kitchen gadgets.

Of course, many parents have spent more than usual on things that will keep their children entertained while schools are closed. Eight per cent claimed to have bought their more toys, games and puzzles and six per cent have purchased tech devices for their young ones, presumably to help them stay connected with their friends and distant relatives as well as access home learning work sent from school.

Something else that will keep kids busy until schools return to normal in September is building a log cabin in the UK. These outdoor homes will provide hours of entertainment for youngsters who may, otherwise, be at a loose end over the next two months.

Author - Martin Corby
Posted - 09 Jul 2020

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