Another Trentino 5x6 Log Cabin Installation

Another Trentino 5x6 Log Cabin Installation


Another Trentino 5x6 Log Cabin Installation

This season has seen a marked increase in the number of larger, single room cabins being sold. The most recent sale was for Mr P in Fleet, Hampshire. He chose the Liverpool 5x6 due to its comparative price for the space it provided. The 5.0m width still allowed good access to the very bottom of the garden whilst the 6.0m depth ensured the internal space was large enough to provide space to play table tennis !

Here you can see the cabin being prepped for treatment - a less than steady hand required the door and window glass to be masked with newspaper and tape ! It is essential your cabin is given a wood treatment to protect it from the elements and insect attack. We like to use Cuprinol Shed and Fence Preserver which is oil based. We believe it provides better protection than the water based options. There is  definitely  a case of "you pays ya money and takes ya choice" . The more money you spend on a product, generally the better it is giving you better protection and longevity.

Log Cabin On A Budget

The Liverpool range of cabins remains our most popular. Its key features are :

  • 44mm double tongue and groove wall boards
  • Double glazing
  • Double french doors, fully glazed
  • x2 double opening windows. One to the front and one to the side wall
  • 19mm floor and roof boards
  • Full  installation  kit with fixings and instructions

It is available in sizes from 3x3m through to 6x6m, you can see the full range here

Author - Martin Corby
Posted - 17 Jun 2014

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