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4 Reasons to buy A Garden Office


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4 Reasons to buy A Garden Office

There are many reasons why people invest in log cabins for their homes. From having a summer house to make use of during the warmer seasons to a workshop to indulge in hobbies.

But with many people continuing to work from home, a bespoke garden office can be an excellent idea, helping to create a divide between home and work, and a place to escape from the chaos of a family home and be productive.

We look at some reasons why you should invest in a log cabin garden office.

1. Better work-life balance

With no commute into the city, you gain hours every week that can be better spent with family than in packed trains or traffic jams.

2. Organisation

Working from the kitchen table was fine for the start of the lockdown and work from home order, but it can quickly get disorganised. A dedicated garden office will allow you to keep things tidy and help boost productivity.

3. Health and wellbeing

Timber buildings are better for your body and spirit than steel, brick, and plasterboard, and so much better than air-conditioned buildings. They help to keep temperature and humidity levels even, discourage dust and mould spores, and wooden surroundings are shown to have beneficial effects on symptoms of stress.

4. Economical

If you’re self-employed or have a small business, then you should compare the costs of installing and running a garden office to the equivalent space in a rented office. Long term, a garden log cabin office will be far more economical - and still no commute!

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Author - Martin Corby
Posted - 23 Dec 2021

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