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Secure a Log Cabin

How can I secure my log cabin?

Unfortunately, we live in a world where security has to be a large priority. Our cars, our homes, our personal possessions… nothing is ever entirely safe. If you own a log cabin, then keeping anything inside safe and secure will need to be one of your earliest considerations. So what are the best ways to… Read more…

Planning Permission for Log Cabins

Do I need planning permission for my log cabin?

One of the most commonly asked questions from people considering purchasing a log cabin is ‘do I need planning permission’? Unfortunately, the rules regarding planning permission are pretty confusing and so we have put together this page to try and make it as clear as possible for you. Please note that these are general guidelines… Read more…

Building Regulations for Log Cabins

Do I need building regulations approval for my log cabin?

Many people get planning permission and building regulations approval confused or believe they are the same thing. In fact, planning permission is what allows you to carry out the development of your log cabin, whereas building regulations approval is all about safeguarding the work that is carried out, so that it meets certain standards and… Read more…

Do I need any special insurance for my log cabin?

One of the biggest misconceptions about log cabins is that they are automatically covered by your regular household insurance for both buildings and contents. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case and if you don’t have the right insurance in place any claim that you may need to make for damage, theft or more, could be… Read more…

Plumbing in a Log Cabin

Can I install plumbing into my log cabin?

There are dozens of different uses for a log cabin, but some of the most popular (think garden guest room, beauty treatment room, hot tub space and art studio) require which is something we usually take for granted in our homes – running water. Thankfully you can install plumbing into your log cabin, and best… Read more…

Electricity in a Log Cabin

Can I have electricity in my log cabin?

These days, log cabins have so much more potential than just storage or summerhouses. Offices, work studios, beauty treatment rooms, a playroom, a space for a hot tub… there are endless possibilities. However, many of the most popular uses for log cabins require one major thing – electricity. The legal stuff Thankfully, providing electricity to… Read more…

Log Cabin Sauna

9 Most Awesome Uses Of A Log Cabin

If you are looking to maximise the potential of your home, but don’t have the time, patience or planning permission for an extension then a log cabin could be just the solution! Available in a range of shapes and sizes, a log cabin in your garden can be so much more than just a dumping… Read more…

Chamonix Log Cabin in 44mm Wall Logs

The Chamonix Log Cabin – New Model

The Chamonix Log Cabin – New Model We are pleased to anounce the introduction of a new model to our already comprehensive range of garden log cabins. The Chamonix is equipped with fully glazed double doors and 4 tall single windows. One either side of the centrally positioned doors and 2 down one side (these… Read more…

Marquis Log Cabin

The Marquis Log Cabin – New Model

The Marquis Log Cabin – New Model We are pleased to anounce the introduction of a new model to our already comprehensive range of garden log cabins. Based on the very popular Liverpool range, the Marquis is equipped with half glazed double doors for those that are not so concerned about available natural light more… Read more…

Cambourne 5x3 Garden Office

Cambourne 5×3 Garden Office

Cambourne 5×3 Garden Office Yet another Cambourne 5×3 log cabin chosen to be used as a garden office – without doubt our most popular design and style. In this case our customer also required a base installation aswell as under floor and roof insulation. Due to the uneven ground, we chose to construct a timber… Read more…

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