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Cambourne 5×3 Garden Office

Author : Log Cabin Kits
Date Issued : 8 February 2016
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Cambourne 5x3 Garden Office

Cambourne 5×3 Garden Office

Yet another Cambourne 5×3 log cabin chosen to be used as a garden office – without doubt our most popular design and style.

In this case our customer also required a base installation aswell as under floor and roof insulation.

Due to the uneven ground, we chose to construct a timber base that easily allows to level sloping ground. Constructed from 150x47mm treated timbers, the frame is supported by 100x100mm posts, concreted into the ground.

Under floor insulation was affected by using 50mm celotex, positioned between the 50x50mm bearers that come with the kit. This sits directly beneathe the tongue and groove floor boards. You can see more information about insulating under floor for your log cabin here.

The roof was also insulated using 50mm celotex. Again you can see how to insulate the roof of your log cabin here.

Once the cabin was finished, we applied cladding to the base the cabin to the ground to tidy it all up and constructed steps for easy access.

Our customer now has a completed cabin – he will now need to treat the external timber components with an appropriate application to provide protection from weather and insect attack.

150 Company Reviews to Consider

Author : Log Cabin Kits
Date Issued : 19 November 2015
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150 Company Reviews of Garden Adventure

As of 01 November 2015, Garden Adventure are pleased to announce a total of 150 reviews have been collected from our customers since we started this incentive in Summer 2015.

We chose to use for this service as it better suited our style of operation and size of business – we don’t pretend to be in the same league as Homebase or Amazon but pride ourselves on the personal service you receive from our family run business. Reviews ethos is simple :

“ is passionate about providing 100% genuine user reviews. If you notice a review that you think might be fake, we want to know about it. Please contact us by clicking the report button.”

So, 150 genuine customer reviews received, what is the general trend ? – Well, we are pleased to advise the following statistics :

  • 2 Stars – 1 review
  • 3 Stars – 0
  • 4 Stars – 11 reviews
  • 5 Stars – 138 reviews

As you can see we are doing OK but that is not to say we could do better. The one review with only 2 stars complemented the product but we were heavily marked down due to the delivery. It was an unfortunate set of events that led to a “cock up” and one we hope have eliminated by a change in procedures.

Eleven 4 star reviews isn’t bad, but there is obviously something not quite prefect. We investigate the feedback to see how we could have risen to achieve a top mark.

Five star reviews is always pleasing to receive, currently 138 of them ! This does indicate that what we are doing is very satisfactory to most. The score covers ease of website usage, communications with the office, delivery and product.

As stated, these really are genuine customer reviews, the only influence we have had is offering a service and product that appeals to most and we won’t change that approach.

We are convinced we are offering top service and an excellent product at a price that isn’t over inflated, but fair and appropriate to the product.

Thanks to all our customers who have taken the time to reply – your feedback is so important to us – with thanks.

Company Reviews as at November 2015

Autumn Sale

Author : Log Cabin Kits
Date Issued : 4 November 2015
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Autumn Sale

Our Autumn Sale is Here !

Summer is over and we want to shift some cabins from our stock. Now is the chance to pick up a super bargain and save yourself probably hundreds of pounds from our usual web prices.

No matter what your requirement or indeed budget, it is very likely we have something that will suit. From smaller cabins with thinner wall logs, maybe 34mm right up to our multi room options.

Inbetween we have cabins with 68mm wall logs – perfect for a home office. Right now the Plymouth 4×4 (in 68mm) is reduced to a jaw dropping £2790.00 saving you £580 on the RRP. For this you will get a spacious room manufactured from solid 68mm walls – insulate the floor and ceiling and with a little heating thrown in for good measure, the result is a very cosy building fit for anything.

We also have a number of garage configurations available in our Autumn sale. Single units and double units, all worth considering whilst the prices are reduced.

View all our SALE items here

The 10 Scariest Haunted Cabins!

Author : Log Cabin Kits
Date Issued : 29 October 2015
Category :
4 East Kentucky

Cabins can be quite creepy, can’t they? We have all seen the horror movies where a group of friends head out to a cabin in the middle of nowhere where they are then attacked by someone or something and they all die. They have a bad reputation, that’s for sure.  We’ve compiled a list of the ten scariest haunted cabins around… Read on – if you dare – from 10 to 1…

10. Rogersville Cabin

10 Rogersville
The haunted Rogersville cabin looks quite unassuming, right? However with unexplained objects and female apparitions appearing with mist shooting from their mouths and then disappearing just as suddenly, with some of this caught on camera, it certainly has a reputation for being creepy.



9. Corbin Cabin

9 Corbin

Situated in the Shenandoah National Park’s campgrounds, Corbin Cabin was built in the early 20th century by George T Corbin whose wife Nee died in childbirth in 1924. The cabin is one of the last to stand since the creation of the National Park and hikers who have stayed at the cabin have claimed to see the ghost of Nee Corbin in the woods surrounding the cabin and even hearing her footsteps across the cabin floorboards….



8. Clear Creek Metro Park Cabin

8 Clear Creek Metro Park

On the southern fringes of Fairfield County in Ohio, the ghosts here at the Mathias Cabin at Clear Creek Metro Park sure do like to make their presence known. The ghosts here keep the lights on to let you know that they are home and faces are seen peering out of the windows, no matter what time of day it is.



7. New Hampshire Cabin

7 New Hampshire

In 1994 two camp counsellors for an Orthodox Christian Camp were assigned a cabin with six children. On separate occasions, both counsellors experienced the feeling of someone standing over them whilst asleep in bed, only to find no one there when they checked. One evening a counsellor sat in the cabin, whilst the children slept, eagerly awaiting his colleague to relieve him so he could attend a party nearby. He heard footsteps outside the cabin and someone began opening the door. He saw the outline of a fairly tall man who came in and sat down on the other counsellor’s bed. Assuming it was the other counsellor, he asked if it was alright to leave but got no response and assumed that he was tired or in a bad mood. When he got to the party the other counsellor was still there.

The counsellors, terrified from their paranormal experience, contacted the camp director and it was arranged for a private exorcism to take place for the safety of the children. No negative experiences were had by the group again…



6. Fort Worth Zoo

6 Fort Worth

Log Cabin Villages, across from the Fort Worth Zoo, offer a glimpse at the past. Stories state that a man hired a nanny for his son and later married her, all living in the big house at Log Cabin Village. The nanny was known for wearing lilac perfume. It has been said that when visitors tour the house, footsteps can be heard from the attic above the second floor and sometimes the scent of lilacs fills the air…



5. Goliad Cabin

5 Goliad

One of the stories states that a lady drove with her family to her friends hunting cabin in Goliad, Texas. They planned to shoot targets, have a barbecue and sleep over. Their plans were cut short by apparent paranormal goings on. They reported a sound of a train approaching close to the cabin during the middle of the night. It shook the walls and floors as it past. However, no railroad passes anywhere near the cabin! A rocking chair in the main room appeared to rock very slowly on its own and an oppressive energy could be felt when sat in it. The lady also reported being woken by the sound of a crying boy and a disembodied voice could be heard saying ‘Go to him!’.



4. East Kentucky

4 East Kentucky

The haunted log cabin in East Kentucky is well known for the orbs that appear.  Orbs have appeared floating above the roof before changing position in a matter of milliseconds; they’ve appeared in photographs of the antiques sign before changing position again within five seconds of the last photo. No one can explain them and why they change place so quickly…



3. Glouster Haunted Cabin

3 Glouster

An old small three room home standing at over a hundred years of age, this cabin is set up in the hills of Glouster, Ohio backed up against the forest. The house has now sat empty for over thirty years. Reported occurrences are strange noises, footsteps walking through the kitchen and out of the back door, even seeing family members walking on the property or waving goodbye from a window – not strange at all, you may think…until you consider that neither family member was there at that particular time and neither of them were dead but still living and somewhere else entirely!

The family called in some ghost hunters and they instantly noticed strange goings on. One hunter saw a man smoking a cigarette who stunk of whiskey. He looked dirty, like he had just come in from working down the mines. When describing the man’s appearance to a fellow ghost hunter, they had seen exactly the same thing. After consulting with the family, they learned that they had met the long dead great grandfather of the man who had called them in…



2. Garnet Cabins – Town

2 Garnet Town

We’ve mentioned haunted cabins throughout this list but what about a ghost TOWN? The former mining town of Garnet in Montana was deserted after a fire in 1912. Only now is it starting to see people visit again but local folklore claims the area is haunted by former residents, reporting that they have heard music and laughter, even in winter, and doors slamming when there aren’t even any doors in the cottages. Locals say the spirits come out around midnight and you can often hear men’s voices echo in the empty rooms – however, as soon as a living human hand touches the building, the noises stop.



1. Cabin 28 – The Keddie Murders

1 Cabin 28

Murders are terrifying anyway but when the murder scene becomes haunted too?

On the night of April 11th 1981 in the little town of Keddir Plumas, Northern Carolina, Sue Sharp, her son John and his friend Dana and her eldest daughter Tina were bludgeoned to death with a claw hammer. Thankfully Shelia’s other two son’s Ricky and Greg and their friend Justin were left un-harmed. The youngest daughter, Shelia, had stayed with a friend that night and returned the following morning to the gruesome discovery. The perpetrators still haven’t been found and it is unlikely they ever will be.

The Cabin 28 was demolished in 2006 after numerous unsuccessful attempts to sell. Occupents claimed to see murky forms and rocking chairs, someone once claimed to have found a pitchfork and the word ‘no’ carved into the kitchen door. Returning half an hour later, the words and pitchfork were gone. Other reports state of hearing moans, slamming doors and footsteps at times when the cabin is unoccupied. It certainly sounds like a terrifying place to visit…



Thoughts on the Liverpool 4×3 Log Cabin from a customer

Author : Log Cabin Kits
Date Issued : 28 October 2015
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David's Liverpool 4x3 Cabin

David bought the Liverpool 4×3 Log Cabin from us in November 2014 and has enjoyed nearly a year of use from it so far. I’m sure you’ll agree it looks great in the pictures! We got in touch with David to get some thoughts from him on his time with the cabin. The fact that he has been able to use the cabin in a variety of ways shows that you don’t have to lock yourself down to one use when you make a purchase from!

What did you originally envisage using the cabin for before you purchased it?

I purchased the log cabin shortly after taking early retirement.I had long wanted a cabin to use as a work room and a place for the family to relax in the summer months.However I was also keen to work on a building project in my garden.

Have you ended up using the cabin exactly as intended?

The garden has been used in many ways and was easily heated during the winter months.By carefully furnishing the cabin it has created a versatile extra room.

Has the cabin met your expectations over time?

We have all been delighted with the cabin and it has exceeded all expectations.It has been greatly admired by both friends and family.

Have you modified your cabin in any way?

The cabin has been left as the original design with decking being added at the front with gravel paths built around the sides.

How was the process of buying from Garden Adventure (

The whole process of buying and building the cabin was excellent. The cabin was delivered on time and was extremely well packaged. The construction went to plan and the pieces fitted perfectly. I would recommend Garden Adventure to any prospective buyers.

Liverpool 4x3 – David

A Customers Thoughts On The Alpina 4×3 Log Cabin

Author : Log Cabin Kits
Date Issued : 24 September 2015
Category :

John bought an Alpina 4×3 Log Cabin from Log Cabin Kits in March 2015. We got in touch to ask him some questions about his cabin, which are just below the lovely picture he sent:

Alpina 4x4

What did you originally envisage using the cabin for before you purchased it?

The Alpina 4×3 was intended to be used as a Man Cave and hot tub canopy.

Have you ended up using the cabin exactly as intended?


Has the cabin met your expectations over time?

I’m still very pleased with it.

Have you modified your cabin in any way?

The cabin was supplied bespoke as a 4×4 and I added the extra canopy to house the hot tub.

How was the process of buying from Garden Adventure (

Seamless from begining to end….Martin always replied promptly to any queries


As you can see, John was happy with his purchase! Pick your perfect log cabin for your dream use right here.

The Manchester makes an Excellent Garden Office

Author : Log Cabin Kits
Date Issued : 11 September 2015
Category :

The team have just finished installing a Manchester log cabin.

Our customer will use it as a garden office and here are the reasons why :

  • 4.0 x 4.0m Room space
  • Solid 68mm wall logs
  • 19mm Roof and Floor TGV boards
  • Easily upgraded with under floor and roof insulation

Halfway through the build :

A Good Days Work

The next day, the build was completed by installing the doors and windows and all the trims.

Customer – very happy !

See the full spec for the Manchester Cabin here

And the finished article :

Manchester Log Cabin in 68mm Logs

West Sussex Log Cabins

Author : Log Cabin Kits
Date Issued : 22 August 2015
Category :

West Sussex Log Cabins

My roots are actually Surrey, born in Thornton Heath, moving to Coulsdon when I was 5. It wasn’t until my thirties that I found myself enjoying the comforts of West Sussex on a permanent basis.

As a youngster I passed through east Grinstead in ropy old scout bus on the way to Cub and Scout camp at Broadstone Warren on the Ashdown Forest, little did I know 20 years later I would by laying down the foundations for a family dwelling.

It wasn’t long after moving to East Grinstead, that Garden Adventure was created, the major part of that business plan was to supply and fit garden log cabins (summer houses) At this point we struck up a business relationship with another up and coming supplier from the Baltic States – Eurovudas, based in Vilnius, Lithuania had not long been producing garden buildings when our paths crossed – who believes in fate ?!

Both businesses have grown, matured and flourished as a result of input and feedback both ways. Our cabin range has evolved to meet customer demands, yet maintaining a value for money pricing structure.

Although we despatch our cabins throughout the UK, our home turf of West Sussex is where we send and install most.

You will have a number of supplier options if looking for Log Cabins in West Sussex, you won’t, however, find a more friendly, enthusiastic and knowledgeable retailer than Garden Adventure. A family run business since 2001 with a focus on customer service and a quality product at a sensible price, why not give us a go – contact the office to discuss your cabin needs.

Timber Garage

Author : Log Cabin Kits
Date Issued : 17 August 2015
Category :

Timber 4×6 Garage

Our range of timber garages are proving exceptional value, particularly with the pound currently in a strong position against the euro (Our garden buildings and garages are manufactured in Lithuania)

Most popular is the 4×6 Garage, made from heavy duty 44mm wall logs, this garage will swallow most family cars and indeed even our Company Vauxhall Vivaro fits snugly into the building with ease :

Timber Garage 4x6

The garage comes in kit form with a set of comprehensive instructions to help you build it. Of course, if you would rather, why not employ one of our professional installation teams to install the garage for you, it may be cheaper than you think ? Take a look at our rates for installation here.

This kit, indeed all our garage and carport combinations are supplied without a floor kit. If you have plans to use the building as a workshop, you may wish to consider purchasing the optional floor kit, please contact the office to confirm pricing.

If you are in need of a new garage, then give one of our garage kits serious consideration, they will probably tick more boxes than you think not least of which is the very competitive pricing  !

Another Cambourne Cabin Sold

Author : Log Cabin Kits
Date Issued : 20 May 2015
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Cambourne 5x3 Log Cabin

Without doubt, our best selling cabin this spring has been the awesome value Cambourne 5×3.

Cambourne 5x3 Log Cabin

Cambourne 5×3 Log Cabin

And it’s not surprising, it has a great spec. at an exceptionally favourable price point :

  • 5×3 Cabin
  • 44mm Wall Logs
  • Double Glazing
  • 2.45m Ridge Height
  • Shed Felt
  • Price – £2190.00 (plus delivery *)

* Note – Delivery for most is FREE, but for more remote locations, delivery charges start at £44.00, still great value !

Although the cabin comes with shed felt as standard, we would recommend giving consideration to purchasing our optional felt shingles. Not only are they much easier on the eye, with various colours and styles to choose from, they will provide extended protection for your cabin, way beyond the lifespan of shed felt.

We recently installed a Cambourne for a customer, as per the above picture. To the right of the cabin you can see there is a good storage space between the cabin and the fence  – to make best use of this, we extended the roof line and now the storage area is protected from the elements – cool !

The Cambourne has many uses, we know of it being used as a summer house, garden office and even a kids den, but the list is not endless – what will you use your cabin for ?


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