Top Tips For Waterproofing Your Log Cabin


Top Tips For Waterproofing Your Log Cabin

Preserving that rustic look and feel in your log cabin kit is the priority of most cabin owners.

However, it is important to ensure that you protect and maintain your timber. Left unprotected, timber will let water in and water will be absorbed. Depending on the wood you use, it can warp, shrink or become vulnerable to dry rot and other infestations.

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Prevention is much preferred to the cure (often getting rid of affected areas), so here are our top tips for weatherproofing your log cabin this winter.

Extend Your Overhang

For pitched roof cabins, your cabin will likely already have an overhang, made up by your felt, shingles or rubber roof. As a lot of leaks that will happen will come from the roof, ensuring that your roof naturally channels water off and away from it will stop the primary cause of leaks.

Lay On A Strong Foundation

Laying your cabin on a solid, waterproof foundation will serve to protect water seeping in, as well as structural issues caused by waterlogged earth such as subsidence and sinking.

It is very important to get your foundations right as once you have built your cabin it is extremely difficult and expensive to fix.

Do Not Forget Your Seal

Preserving your timber against the elements is vital at the start of construction, typically using a solvent preserver that penetrates the wood and provides a long-lasting seal that protects against weather damage.

There are different types of preservative available which are suitable for different woods and provide different finishes.

Author - Martin Corby
Posted - 01 Dec 2020

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