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Create A Summer Playroom With A Log Cabin


Lots of parents wish they could have a playroom for their children, where they can keep all their toys and games and let them do their messy crafts without ruining precious pieces of furniture. However, with house prices soaring, this can remain a pipedream for many people, which is why a log cabin could provide the ideal solution – giving kids a little room of their own in the heart of their garden.

Building a log cabin in the UK could be next on your list of jobs to do if you want to give your little ones the chance to enjoy playing with their toys, paint with abandon and spread their fancy dress clothes all over the floor without you stressing about all the tidying up to do afterwards.

Log Cabin On A Budget

You also won’t mind if they tread mud or grass into the outdoor playroom, which is inevitable during the spring and summer months when they spend more time in the garden.

House prices have never been so high, with Halifax recently reporting a record high annual rate of growth. In fact, property values have risen by almost £28,000 over the last year alone, taking the average price of a home in the UK to £278,123, according to its recent findings.

Therefore, it is unsurprising that many parents will find it difficult to justify spending so much more on a bigger home just to have a spare room for their children to play in, especially when they can opt for a garden cabin instead that will do just the same job.

Author - Martin Corby
Posted - 05 May 2022

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