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Rumus 5x4
  • Log Thickness - 34mm
  • Single glazed with glass
  • Door style - Double, half glazed
  • Canopy Depth - 220mm

Customer Feedback

Rumus 5x4

said - "We bought the Rumus 5x4 we was a little nervous as buying online but we are more than happy with it excellent service and very impressed "
Rating : 5 / 5
Review Date - 18 May 2015

Rumus 6x4

said - "We are absolutely delighted with the log cabin, and very grateful for all your help and assistance."
Rating : 4.5 / 5
Review Date - 12 August 2015

Rumus 4x3

said - "Generally the cabin is great, but there were some issues with building it. There were nowhere near enough screw bolts provided, I had to buy a further 3 packs (not cheap!) this was made apparent by the fact quite a lot of the boards were warped and twisted and required more fixings than the instructions advised. The only quality issues I have are with the door handles, only 3 months after building they have started to rust quite badly, then the other day the inside handle on the main door FELL APART! I'm now stuggling to close the door from the inside and will have to buy a new one, not very impressive considering its winter and hardly been used."
Rating : 4 / 5
Review Date - 19 December 2013

Rumus 5x4

said - "Overall, I am very pleased with the cabin. I have yet to fit the doors and windows mainly due to bad weather delaying work(not your fault I know). A few small issues would have made construction easier though; The long 5mm drill supplied was poor quality and bent, these are not easy to come by but eventually sourced one from RS COMPONENTS, the amount of screws supplied seemed to be insufficient and the instructions for their positioning was unclear, one of the long wall logs was too tall and had to be cut down in order for the roof boards to sit properly(I have pictures if needed). As mentioned these are small issues but made the build run less smoothly than I would have liked."
Rating : 4 / 5
Review Date - 12 August 2015
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