Use our Professional Installation Service

Prices from £500.00

Garden Adventure offers a full installation service by our professional teams throughout the UK.

Terms of Installation

  • Our installation service will require you to provision a prepared base (Unless you opt for the timber base option) This must be firm, level and stable. If the installation team are not satisfied with the condition on arrival, further charges may be made for rectification work in order to proceed with installation. At worse, the installation may have to be postponed, with a chargeable fee of 30% of original costs for a second visit.
  • Due to scheduling we may not be able to coincide delivery on the same day as installation, but generally, installation is carried out within a few days of delivery.
  • The installation team will require access to 240v power supply. Extension leads will be provided.
  • Guarantee - 12 months on workmanship.
  • All packaging will be left in a tidy state but disposal is the responsibility of the customer.
  • All fees associated with installation are paid directly to the installation team and as such your contract is between yourself and the contractor

By agreeing to installation you accept these terms

When adding installation into the basket, you will only be charged a £30.00 retainer. The balance for installation will be paid directly to the installation team on satisfactory completion of the install.

Additional Services :

  • Timber base construction.
  • External and internal timber treatment.
  • Insulation for under floor and or ceiling.
  • Floor covering.

Prices start from £500.00, this will increase depending on your location and cabin size. To find out how much a particular cabin will cost to install, go to the detail page for the cabin, select OPTIONS from the top of the page and then Professional Installation. It will then ask you for your postcode - with this information, the system will return the price to install.
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