Fitting Double Length Wall Boards (Over 6.0m in length)

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Fitting Double Length Wall Boards (Over 6.0m in length)

Author : Log Cabin Expert
Date Issued : 11 October 2017

Standard timber for construction is supplied to the mill resulting in a maximum length of 6.0m once it has been milled and prepared for use as a wall board.

Although a 6.0m wall can provide a substantial building, it sometimes is left wanting – so what happens when the project demands a wall length in excess of 6.0m ? Simple (!) we need to produce a join that is both practical to produce, aestetically pleasing and also strong.

Here is a typical join showing the two ends viewed from the underside :

Wall log join

When constructing, these logs need to be pushed together as tightly as possible :

Wall log join nice and tight

In order to hold them in place, the kit supplies metal plates with spikes in – these should be applied once you are satisfied the join is tight along its length :

Join showing metal plate

The trick is to ensure the logs are as tight as possible along their length – as soon as one join becomes a little loose, it is impossible to get the remaining logs to sit correctly.

How do you put pressure on mis-behaving logs to encourage a proper fit ?

We use a Ratchet Load Strap :

Ratchet Load Strap

Attach one end to an outside wall, the other end to the opposite outside wall along the length of the log where the join occurs. Ratchet the logs together, this will pull the two ends of the logs together to allow a tight fit and t secure with the metal plates. Once you are satisfied the logs are held in place release the ratchet carefully and continue the build.

A correctly made join should look like this :

Correctly secured wall log join

You may need to run a bead of silicone down each internal corner of the join to tidy it up :

Where to place bead of silicone in wall join

Fitting Gutters to your Log Cabin

Author : Log Cabin Expert
Date Issued : 11 October 2017
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There are clear advantages in fitting a gutter system to your log cabin. The two main benfits are :

  1. Reduce the amount of splash back from rain falling from the roof, hitting the ground and bouncing back up onto the wall of the cabintaking with it either dirt or earth. Not only does this distract from the aestetics of the cabin it also increases the amount of water the wall logs are exposed to. If the external treatment is not maintained well, these wall logs are at risk of early degredation with the increased level of water exposure.
  2. Saving you money ! – Yes, most people these days are on a water meter, so if you need water to feed your bedding plants in the summer, why not use the water collected from the cabin roof to fill water butt(s) via a gutter system.

And should your cabin have a reverse apex, ie, the ridgeline runs left to right, then guttering on the eaves will stop the rain water dripping off the roof and onto your head when you enter the cabin !

Fitting gutters is very straight forward. Whichever way your cabin is contructed, the gutter brackets will be secured to part no. 39b

Consider first the end of the gutter that will take the collected water away (either onto the ground or into a collecting vessel) this end needs to be the lowest end. Conversely, the opposite end needs to be attached at a higher level  – this will ensure the water flows to the drainage end correctly.

Attach a string line between the first and last bracket – this will show you where to attach any intermediate brackets required (usually one every 1.0m) at the correct height to maintain the linear level.

Consideration needs to be made for the collected water – you can either let the down pipe expel onto the ground or more normally, collect in a suitable water butt for use on the garden at a later stage.

Fitting Gutters to your Log Cabin

Essential Knowledge for a Successful Cabin Installation

Author : Log Cabin Expert
Date Issued : 20 October 2013
Category :

Garden Log Cabins

Base Preparation for Log Cabins and Garden Offices

  • A well prepared, level base is required to ensure a long lasting installation.
  • A variety of materials can create a solid base, such as, concrete, railway sleepers, or paving slabs positioned on hardcore.
  • Buildings should always have a base as large as the floor (base sizes are given in the technical details for each building). The base sizes given will give you a base that will be approximately in line with the outside walls of the Garden Office or Log Cabin. This allows for better drainage.
  • If you plan to build a concrete base you can either build one large slab of concrete or strip foundations running perpendicular to the bearers. Strip foundations will give better drainage, though you will need to use some kind of membrane to prevent the plants that are growing in between the concrete strips from coming through the floor boards.
  • Finished height of your base should be 20-50mm above ground level.


  • Good quality DIY hand tools such as drills, hammer, screwdrivers, level, tape measure, saw and a ball of string (to check the diagonals)


  • Timber is a natural product. It will contract and expand with various weather conditions. If left untreated it will deteriorate. You will need to treat your Log Cabin as you assemble it and periodically after that in order to maintain and prolong it’s beauty and life

Your Questions Answered

Author : Log Cabin Expert
Date Issued : 20 October 2013
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Some Companys Propaganda Makes Me MAD !

Author : Log Cabin Expert
Date Issued : 19 August 2013
Category :

It really does upset me and it  shouldn’t really, but it does……………….

Whatever industry you work in it is good business sense to keep an eye on whats  happening  within the industry and particularly competitor activity. Supplying Log Cabins is no exception; work blinkered, disregarding what is going on elsewhere and live to suffer the consequence.

In passing my eye over a particular competitors website I noticed a heading “The Amazing Log Cabin Comparison!” – I had to take a look……..

This company proceeded to spout of about how great their cabins are and comparatively how poor everyone  else’s  were – in some cases, this may be true, certain companies may be after a quick buck and short cut on quality control elements of their operation but their reign will be short lived.

Personally, I find it distasteful to slate my competitors, its very easy to do and a few potential  customers might think you better for it but let your existing customers do the talking – if there are serious flaws in your product, customers will soon let you know.

So far this hasn’t been the case at Garden Adventure, we are proud of the genuine reviews we get, take a look for yourself

…………..and truly, by coincidence, we  received a chasing email from an irate customer, his log cabin  was scheduled for delivery last week, but it didn’t show – nor any advise from his supplier. For whatever reason delivery was not going to happen but there had been no communication from this company leaving him with wasted time off taken from work and a bill to pay carpenters who did nothing. He sent his message incorrectly to us – we called him back as we had no record of his order. On investigation it was our nationwide friends failing – ouch.

Not all suppliers are the same !!!!!

Make your shed the center piece of your garden !

Author : Log Cabin Expert
Date Issued : 8 June 2013
Category :

Garden sheds across the UK are used for storage purposes. Home and property owners will use them to put away gardening tools, supplies and even heavy equipment – like lawn mowers or leaf blowers – during the non-gardening season, which can be quite a long time. So, while your supplies are in there hibernating, should your garden shed do the same?

Why settle for a rusty, dingy tin shack that does no more than simply “collect” your gardening tools and equipment in one place. Instead, use your garden shed to shed new light on your garden. Make it stand out and count. And with today’s building and construction technologies, garden sheds all over the UK are getting a new lease on life. They are not only getting more practical, in terms of offering greater security and protection to the property owner’s gardening tools and supplies; but are more robust and attractive looking. This latter point is the key to adding “curb appeal” to your property, if ever you plan to sell.

Today, you can easily go online and look for a garden shed that complements your property and brings out the best in it.  Built with durability in mind, today’s structures offer great protection from the weather and rodents and pests too. And with so many designs and models available, either in metal, wood or plastic construction, you are bound to find the one that fits your needs perfectly.

And thanks largely to the superior advances in building and material technology, you won’t believe how affordable these sheds have become! And best of all, there’s no long wait time. Order online and your shed can be with you in no time at all.

So what’s to lose? Thousands of property owners are looking to upgrade garden sheds everywhere in the UK. Don’t be left out. Protect your gardening supplies and add curb appeal to your garden at the same time by ordering your shed today!

Our Best Deal This Week

Author : Log Cabin Expert
Date Issued : 5 June 2013
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Our best log cabin deal this week is the robust Devon 4×3.

We are offering this cabin at an amazing price of just£1990.00 saving you over £500 on the RRP.

What do you get for your money ? A cabin constructed from 44mm thick wall logs, 19mm tongue and groove roof and floor boards, opening windows, double glazing – all as standard

Our Best Deal - Devon 4x3 Log Cabin

Our Best Deal – Devon 4×3 Log Cabin

A Cheap Garden Office

Author : Log Cabin Expert
Date Issued : 25 May 2013
Category :

With more and more people deciding to take the plunge and work from home, a cheap garden office is often the solution to the required extra space. More often than not there is available real estate in the garden rather than converting an internal room in the house – this can have other benefits too. By making the  conscious transition from house to office you can seperate domestic demands with work demands and conversely when finishing at the end of the day you still close the door on the office and return to the domestic environment.

We have a great range of log cabins suitable to be used as a garden office. It is our belief that a cabin with a wall log thickness of no less than 44mm is most suitable. With walls this thick, in most cases by adding insulation under floor and to the roof then with some form of heating, in all but the extremes of temperature you will be sufficiently warm all year.

Heating options are many and varied and your choice will depend on available fuel type (electric / gas), environmental  implications  and personal choice. A log burning fire, for example, is probably the most  aesthetically  pleasing but choosing this option comes with its own issues – fuel, have you got a good supply of seasoned timber ? The stove will require regular maintenance and cleaning ? Unlike  other heaters, the production of heat is not immediate, it will take time to reach operating temperature ?

To summarise, the costs involved in setting up a home office in the garden is not as expensive as you might first think. If this is something that might suit your needs, give our office a call and we will be pleased to offer further advise and assistance in choosing a suitable building for your needs

What Timber is Best for my Log Cabin

Author : Log Cabin Expert
Date Issued : 23 October 2012
Category :

Should the timber type be of concern in the manufacture of a log cabin ?

Both spruce and redwoods are commonly used to manufacture the logs from which you’re building will be constructed. You will find blog posts and articles stating that one or other is better suited for Log Cabin construction,  in our opinion and experience both spruce and redwood are suitable, each have similar natural properties. More important is the speed at which the trees have been forced to grow, this can be of concern.

A tree that has been encouraged to grow at an unnatural rate will have more widely spaced growth rings resulting in a less dense structure. When logs are machined from this type of wood they tend to be less stable and more inclined to twist and warp.

All our cabins are produced from timber that is slow grown and FSC stamped. If you have a preference as to wood type, please contact the office prior to purchase. We can request the cabin of choice is produced in the timber of your choice – this may affect the lead time.

By Martin Corby

Wood Cabins UK

Author : Log Cabin Expert
Date Issued : 22 October 2012
Category :

Most garden buildings are constructed from timber. This medium provides all the necessary qualities including the way it looks such that it blends in seamlessly to a garden environment. The UK started importing interlocking log cabins from Scandinavian sources where the design originated, more recently more cost effective units are arriving into the UK from the Baltic states including Lithuania and Estonia.

These wood cabins are proving very popular to the UK home owner.

By Martin Corby

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